Tue 18 June - 2024

The time has come to relax. While you’ve been saying that, possibly to yourself or you’ve been discussing it with others, actually doing it is another matter. The trick? Arrange to spend time with somebody who’s already expert at such matters. What you learn from them will be amazingly helpful.


Sun 16 June - 2024 To Sat 22 June - 2024

Judging by the powerful manoeuvres by your ruling planet, the clever Mercury, this week and as you move into early July, you’re in a period of discussion, discovery and action. The secret? Plunge into whatever comes your way, but ensure arrangements are flexible. This enables you to get involved, yet continue to learn from what and who you encounter. Decisions? They can wait. 


June - 2024

Ordinarily, you’re the one others come to for advice about everything from practical matters to rethinking longstanding arrangements. Yet now you’re struggling with twists and turns and are surprisingly insecure. Temping as it is to withdraw, and think things through, certain individuals will guide you in the discussions necessary to understand, and deal with, the current unexpected developments. Trust them. Their experience has made them wise, and their intentions are more than good. 

Year to Come


Over much of 2023 you’ve been busy, rethinking elements of your own life and lending others a hand with similar changes. Now the pace slows, and you’ve time to talk, enjoy but, also, to review those arrangements. The secret? Take it slowly. During 2024, life’s about exploration, not decision-making.