Mon 28 November - 2022

At the moment, your ruler Mercury is moving swiftly through the signs and, equally, the portions of your chart that accent a range of matters. While you’re better than most at dealing with the current swift pace, you may have to sidestep certain details. That’s OK. You can go back to them later.


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

Usually, when you organise plans or make a decision, changes are minor. With so much in transition, however, you’re better off regarding even the simplest of arrangements as a bit of an experiment. This won’t just relieve the pressure you’re experiencing, what you learn and who you meet could be amazingly informative in the here and now, and lead to stunning opportunities in the near future. 


November - 2022

Dealing with the past few months’ twists and turns was exhausting. But these aren’t only resolved, what you’ve learnt from them has you rethinking various elements of your life. Some were easily dealt with, but several are increasingly puzzling. The secret? Do something out of character, and make a ‘quick fix’. This enables you to live with these problems, and seek solutions later, when you’ve time. Better yet, you’ll be free to relax with those you care about and do what you enjoy without feeling guilty. 

Year to Come


Usually, one of your greatest strengths is you talent for analysing what’s going on around you, in others’ lives and in the world. Now, however, you’re short of facts. This forces you to back off, and allow events to take place when, and as, they must. While challenging initially, gradually you’ll learn to take each day’s events as they come. And you’ll explore. You’ll stop worrying about the unexpected, and will even find yourself relaxing in ways that, previously, wouldn’t have been possible.