Sat 24 July - 2021

Having struggled to deal with every detail, and get plans right, you’re bound to be annoyed if not upset about changes. Once you delve into these, however, you’ll realise they’re not only timely, they’re due to breakthroughs as exciting as they are unexpected. The more you explore what’s arisen, the more excited you’ll be. 


Sun 18 July - 2021 To Sat 24 July - 2021

Even at your most logical, you’re likely to be puzzled by sudden, and unanticipated changes or events. For now, look, listen and learn. On 29 July, the courageous Mars’ move into Virgo begins a decisive cycle. The trick is to focus on exploration, not lasting plans. This runs counter to your painstaking nature, but ensures you’re able to explore every option that comes your way.


July - 2021

Usually, you enthusiastically embrace practical suggestions. Now, however, you’re questioning all such ideas and, even more, reviewing your life and goals. This may seem selfish. However, you’re preparing for the powerful cycle of change and growth that begins on 29 July, when the planet of action and courage, Mars, moves into Virgo for a six-week stay. From then onward you’ll be able to turn even seemingly far out ideas into action. The more options you explore now, the more exciting what you achieve then will be. 

Year to Come


Being ruled by the quick-thinking Mercury, you gather facts and turn them into lasting plans with amazing swiftness. Yet, as a sensible earth sign, you’ll be aware that before you can commit to anything truly far-reaching, you need to review what you’ve done and, even more, your future direction. This is wise. Take it slowly, aware that things are unlikely to come together until the courageous Mars moves into Virgo, on 29 July, to remain until mid-September. By then, both circumstances and your priorities for the future will be clear enough you can plunge in with enthusiasm and confidence. The questions you’ll be asking will also get you thinking about elements of your life you’ve regarded as unchanging. Once, they were. However, doors are opening, in ways as unexpected as, often, they’ll seem miraculous.