Mon 27 March - 2023

It’s said the link between your ruler Mercury and Jupiter indicates good luck. The problem? You won’t necessarily recognise the promise in the resulting events or encounters, at least right away. Once you do, later, it could be too late. That being the case, leap in now. This ensures nothing can pass you by.


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

Usually, your logical mind is a huge asset. Consequently, you’ll struggle to accept the fact that, however many questions you ask, and answers you get, you’ll remain unsure about certain changes. Let experience be your guide. Unwise as this seems, within days you’ll encounter ideas or receive offers so stunning you can’t resist them. Ignore feelings that caution is wise. Instead, plunge in. 


March - 2023

It won’t be easy. Still, you’re urged to regard the practical and emotional ups and downs triggered by the Virgo Full Moon, on 7 March, as an opportunity to learn. Keep an eye out for you own mistakes but, also, discuss misunderstandings with others frankly. And take it slowly. Within days these exchanges will blossom into unexpectedly rewarding brainstorming sessions. This month’s biggest lessons? Learning that often errors are a springboard to amazing insights and, better yet, to unexpectedly close alliances. 

Year to Come


During the past two years, changes in others’ lives or in circumstances have forced you to reorganise, if not substantially alter, your lifestyle. This is about who and what comes first. Resist the temptation to stick with what’s familiar or seems wise. You’re in a year of breakthroughs, some taking you in unfamiliar directions. Regard yourself as an adventurer. What seems unwise, if not risky, will bring unexpected rewards, if not benefits. Equally, let go of increasingly dull elements of the past. During 2023, new excitement and thrilling encounters await you.