25 August 1918

Not everyone has heard of Leonard Bernstein, even after the recent celebrations of the centenary of his birth - but everybody's heard, and been stirred by, his music. Plus, a generation of Americans, including me, got our first dose of classical music education from the TV series he hosted. Hugely gifted, he was inspiring - but also inspired mixed feelings. He was a Virgo, precise, obsessive and occasionally brutally critical. With the Sun opposite inventive Uranus in its own sign, Aquarius, rules - musical and otherwise - applied to others but not him. Yet with three planets in glamorous, seductive, creative Leo there were plenty of reasons to yield to his charms. If Bernstein's name rouses memories of beloved melodies, next time you've a glass of something suitable, toast him. And even if nothing comes to mind, still toast him - because I guarantee, he composed at least one tune you adore. 

4 August 1981

Only a few years ago, many would have said "who's she?" - now she's half of one of the world's most newsworthy couples. Meghan, Duchess of Sussex is a Leo, the sign of show business, fame, warmth and style. What's more, with four planets in clever, engaging Libra in her personal birth chart, she's charming and truly interested in others. 
So why did the role of Princess not work out? 
First, the not inconsiderable racism the couple faced. Add the stubborn streak characteristic of Leo and the planet Uranus (idealism) in Scorpio; she links integrity with familiar, or slowly acquired, values. This led to her difficulty navigating the ways of, what was for her, the odd land called the United Kingdom; this complication indicated their exit was a sad but unavoidable strategy. 

15 September 1984

Harry, Duke of Sussex has had lots of titles and a dramatic life, from his mother's sudden death when he was only 12, to excessive partying, to a soldier's life is war zones. 
He's a Virgo, but with planets in his birth chart in restless Sagittarius and Scorpio, he's thrived living on the edge. He's also learnt a valuable variety of discipline and loyalty. 
However, the Moon, key to his mother, is powerfully placed in Taurus, and linked to his Sun in Virgo; this indicates her loss was overwhelming. 
Worthwhile as his time on the front was, it won't have built an understanding of the trust required for a lasting commitment. 
Enter Meghan Markle; her Leo glamour, the genuine charm of four planets in Libra - and her having little idea about his complex world led to a perfect, and passionate match. But one that, judging by his chart, wasn't destined to be lived out in the UK, with painfully evocative traditions, and an intolerance for his wife and her background. 
So they've gone. Will he, and they, be happier in the States? For a while, long enough for them to have children and for him to have a life without daily reminders of his mother's loss - and, better yet, discover who he really is.

21 December 1977

Here's Emmanuel Macron, victorious - and with five planets in fire signs, not afraid of showing it. He's a Sagittarius, with four planets positioned there & fiery Mars in passionate Leo - it's an appealing package to battle-fatigued voters. However, fire signs don't think in terms of details. Fortunately his Saturn - approach to work - is in the compulsive Virgo, which lists tasks, then gets them done - and with precision. Still with tough Saturn itself meeting the Sun & Mercury, in Macron's chart, the period between now and the end of 2017 will be seriously challenging. Note: he was born at 10:40 on the 21st. In 1977, the sun moved into Capricorn at 23:23 that day, so he's a Sag. The time & sometimes day each sign begins shifts from year to year.

3 January 2003

Greta Thunberg isn't your average poster girl for a media campaign...but that's the point. It's taken a genuine ground-up personality to create a new zeitgeist - to be the force behind the movement that's turning the "something must be done" mode into the focus and collective passion that will lead to serious, effective and lasting action on climate change. Astrologically speaking, Greta was born under one of the three earth signs, Capricorn, with the Sun, Moon and Mercury positioned there. However, with Jupiter, planet of justice, and canny Pluto both in fire signs, she has the sense of theatricality necessary to turn a noble concept into the worldwide movement we're currently witnessing. And no, it's not just a passing trend, on Greta's part or for the planet...with rigorous Saturn and Pluto, which accents truth - and transformation through truth - currently positioned closely together in the earth sign Capricorn, we will all begin to face the facts, and learn to live in way that heals and honours Mother Earth.

13 September 1933

There are great designers and there are superb marketers. Karl Lagerfeld, who died on 19 Feb 2019, when the Moon was Full in his sign - Virgo – was superlative at both. The Sun near visionary Neptune and clever Mercury, all in precise Virgo, explain his gift for analysing, then rejuvenating a series of fashion houses, memorably Chanel and Fendi - and reinventing fashion itself. Venus – beauty and love - in its home sign Libra, indicates his honed taste, but with it clashing with rebellious Uranus, there always had to be a twist. Personal joy? The Moon, key to his mother and capacity to nurture himself, in the deeply feminine Cancer, but linked with the dark, and manipulative, planet Pluto, indicate, first, his tough childhood, and that he wasn’t any more generous with himself personally or emotionally than with others, but also his insistence on creative freedom. Yet, Pluto is rebirth, a gift he employed to revive Couture, and the fashion world.His self-written epitaph is extremely Virgo - “There is no secret to life. The only secret is work. Get your act together, and also, perhaps, have a decent life. Don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t take drugs. All that helps.” The world of fashion was the richer for his presence.

9 July 1937

Cancerian David Hockney, born July 9th, is a superb example of the sign's creative strengths - it brims with inspiring writers & artists. Being sensitive water signs, these Cancerian 'creatives' use their imagination to touch a deep, intuitive side of our own nature. Hockney's chart explains his lasting appeal - while three planets in Cancer link with expansive, and fortunate, Jupiter, it's Mars (courage, individuality) opposite innovative Uranus that indicate his need to stir things up, to shift the setting, focus, style and medium of his work regularly - and his affection for forthright primary colours. Oh, and his Moon's in theatrical Leo, suggesting he rather enjoys the odd drama. Most of all, his chart indicates a fundamental need to be true to himself - a characteristic we each recognise and respond to far more with our hearts than our intellect.

21 June 1982/ 22 July 2013

Both father and son are Cancerians, and interestingly, both were born just at the edge of the sign. Contrary to popular belief, the signs don't begin at midnight but at a different, yet specific, hour each year. William was born on 21 June 1982, at 21:03 BST, two hours and forty minutes after the Sun entered Cancer. George's birth was 22 July 2013 at 16:24 BST, just 33 minutes before the Sun entered the sign Leo. So both are Cancerians, also the sign of William's charismatic mother, Princess Diana. But both are at the edge of the sign. Yes, it's THAT precise. And yes, the birthplace makes a difference. So there's no such thing as being 'on the cusp' - you are one sign or the other, however, for some that requires some calculation.

19 June 1964

Gemini separated at birth dept. OK, Boris Johnson was born 18 years and 4 days after Trump - but they've a similar style and share an affection for the odd drama. However, Boris's chart reveals a more subtle and artfully seductive character. Chatty Mercury, the Sun and charming Venus, all in Gemini, are lined up in the most intellectual portion of his chart, which suggests his buffoonery is a ploy. Saturn - ambition and power - is in subtle Pisces, which indicates pure stealth. Many Geminis are easily distracted. This one is not. And his opponents? Dimiss him at your peril.

21 April 1926

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth was born at 02:40 on 21 April, 1926; she's a Taurus. In 1926, the Sun entered the sign at 20:36 on 20 April (making her a Taurus by 5 hours, 4 minutes - yes, it's that exact). Her birth chart is almost designed for her destiny: not only is she a stable, practical Taurus, dutiful Capricorn is her rising sign, defining her personality, and Saturn, power - constrained by yet more duty - is in stable Scorpio, at the precise top of her birth chart. However, the private person is another matter; with the Moon in passionate Leo, and Mercury in clever Aries, there's a quick, even naughtily witty side to her nature that the public never sees, but which her friends do. This mix enables her to live a life of unrelenting duty - one in which, recently, she stood as an inspiring anchor for a suffering country. If ever I doubted the accuracy of astrological birth charts, one look at the Queen's would instantly erase those doubts.

6 July 1935

An astrologer examining the birth chart of the 14th Dalai Lama would notice two things. First, while he was born under the sensitive Cancer, the planet of expression, Mercury, is powerfully placed in its own sign, Gemini. And second, the businesslike Saturn is in the visionary Pisces and exactly opposite the idealistic Neptune, a position common to high achievers in business; it indicates an ability to turn adversity into opportunity. Having faced exile from his country, he’s employed that strong Mercury not just highlight his cause – returning to Tibet – but to address general human rights issues. These efforts were recognised by the Nobel peace prize in 1989. Since then, however, he’s sent his message via numerous books, many of which have found their way to the Best Seller list. While his superbly placed Mercury enables him to organises his thoughts well, it’s the planets in the intuitive water signs that have drawn a larger public to read books such as The Meaning of Life. And this suggests that it’s not his words, but the compassion behind them, that hone them into a tool for transformation.

18 July 1950

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac, and it’s also the sign of creativity and nurturing. Some Cancers, like Richard Branson, express that instinct by conceiving of and nurturing new businesses. In fact with the Sun and the restless Uranus, planet of innovation, both in Cancer, he would be miserable having to focus on solely on maintaining one company. For him, it’s finding the idea and turning it into a thriving concern that’s a big high. His famous daredevil lifestyle comes from another side of his chart - the restlessly courageous Mars is next to the idealistic Neptune. This indicates his need to conquer ever higher peaks. What’s more, it also explains his compassion for those less able and fortunate, and his resulting dedication to charity.

23 January 1957

On first glance at Princess Caroline’s chart could misinterpreted as that of a rebel. Aquarians are free thinking, their unconventional instincts frequently harbingers of future trends. And with the Sun in Aquarius positioned exactly opposite its ruling planet, the restless Uranus, a bohemian style – and ferocious independence - would be no surprise. But she’s successfully merged those instincts with straightjacket of her duties as a princess. Her chart explains this complex character. The Pisces ascendant indicates her luminous beauty and elegance. Her Scorpio Moon both denotes a passionate – and somewhat impetuous - emotional nature and early power struggles with her mother, Princess Grace, herself a Scorpio. This lead to youthful rebellion. But with the Moon positioned by the idealistic Neptune, the emotional intimacy of family life was enough of a priority that, eventually, she created a solid relationship and stable home. And Mars in Aries has given her the courage and spirit to overcome the dramatic loss of both her mother and husband. Now that she’s in her forties, in fact, she’s emerged as an example of the new woman, coping successfully with duty, yet living life on her terms.

21 June 1982

He’s been in the spotlight his whole life, so you’d think that Prince William would be inured to an intrusiveness press. But just as he struggles with living in the public eye yet retaining his privacy, he is also attempting to redefine royalty for the 21st century. He watched his mother – a Cancer, as is he– struggle with her role. She was frequently quoted as being determined to equip her sons with the emotional foundation to cope with the limelight that she lacked, and judging by his chart, she achieved her goal. However, with Mercury, key to his mind, in inquisitive Gemini and superbly aspecting both the clever Uranus and practical Saturn, he’s both bright and his own man. When he reached 18, he opted not to adopt the formal trappings of royalty – the bowing and deferential titles. Planets in the most philosophical angle of his chart indicate that he’s a thinker, like his father, Prince Charles. But it’s the dazzling Neptune on his ascendant that indicates not only that he’s inherited his mother’s glamour, he got what it takes to achieve his goals.

15 August 1950

If Princess Anne hadn’t been born into the British royal family, she’s still have taken her place in history – but probably as an athlete and sports journalist. She’s a regal Leo, and still expects the traditional recognition of her position – the curtseying that her nephew, Prince William, recently rejected. But her 50th birthday portraits depicted two women, the bejewelled Princess Royal (her proper title, one given on merit alone) and the other, a fit countrywoman. She seems more comfortable in this guise. With three planets in the earthy - and frequently self critical - Virgo, she’s practical and has a healthy sense of irony. She also gets things done. Her hands-on approach to charity means frequent gruelling trips to highlight their work. And then there’s sport. She promotes athletics and is a champion horsewoman. All this is indicated by the courageous Mars, powerfully positioned in her birth chart. It also explains the fearless streak that, initially, emerged as a rebellious and frequently rude teenager. Now it’s earned her respect, so much that those who propose Princess Anne for king are only half joking.

29 January 1954

Oprah Winfrey may have had to overcome the obstacles of illegitimacy, poverty and childhood sexual abuse. While her birth chart reveals such difficulties, it also portrays the strengths that allowed her to transform those liabilities into her phenomenal success. Primary among these is her ability just to be herself. Being an Aquarius with the Moon, key to her emotional nature, in the buoyant Sagittarius, she views what she’s faced with detachment. What’s more, the powerfully placed Pluto indicates a deep commitment to the facing – and expressing - even uncomfortable truths. Thus, in openly discussing problems, from the past to weight issues, she created a uniquely powerful bond with her audience. Originally her show focused on sensationalistic stories. Then, after her 40th birthday, her respect for knowledge kicked in, and she committed to inspiring talk and – books. Now Oprah has American reading. And of her own stunning wealth? Judging by her chart, she’s equally detached about business; this enables her to make canny manoeuvres without her ego interfering. Similarly, her dazzling lifestyle is balanced by a substantial portion of her millions being channelled into scholarships and foundations.

4 November 1946

The first thing that springs to an astrologer’s mind when considering Laura Bush’s chart is the remarkable balance it reveals between a huge generosity of spirit and a capacity for uncompromising focus on life’s practicalities. The second is that it’s eerily similar to Hillary Clinton’s chart. Not only are both intense, wilful Scorpios, and with the achievement minded Saturn and uncompromising ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, positioned together, each is superb at behind the scenes manoeuvring. Also, both have the Moon – key to emotions – in idealistic Pisces, indicating that they’re devoted mothers and that children’s welfare is considerably more than a politically expedient cause. But where Hillary’s Mercury and Venus – communication and relationship, respectively – are in Scorpio, indicating a secretive streak, Laura’s are in the forthright Sagittarius. What’s more, with the Sun next to the expansive Jupiter, she’s unselfconsciously confident. Thus, when asked which previous First Lady she’d emulate, her response: “I’ll just be Laura Bush.” Everyone from fashion-watchers to political analysts are waiting to see how life in the White House will change her. Judging by her chart, however, the answer is obvious: not at all.

6 May 1961

No one would argue with those who’ve dubbed Clooney “the world’s handsomest man.” He embodies the Taurean sensuality combined with the edge depicted by Venus, ruler of Taurus and planet of love and relationship in the dynamic – and impatient – Aries. This, plus the warrior planet Mars positioned in the sign of creativity and romance, Leo, explains the fascination he holds for woman and men alike. Personally, things are more complicated. In fact those same planetary positions indicate an impatience with partners, and that – as he’s been quoted as saying of himself – he’s not easy to live with. Judging by his chart, while he thinks he want someone devoted to him, he’ll be far happier with someone who doesn’t need him, but who is there simply because she cares.

11 November 1964

No ordinary actress could carry the title role of “Ally McBeal” - the character who planes just above the surface of reality. But with the Sun next to the planet of both imagination and illusion, Scorpio Calista Flockart has turned it into an art form. And with the witty Jupiter exactly opposite, she manages to make us laugh at Ally’s vulnerability. Key to this is Mercury, planet of mind, in the clever Sagittarius. She’s clever, and once the decision’s been made to put Ally to rest, the world will discover an actress whose skills range from comedy to tragedy. Meanwhile, with the romantic Venus in relationship-minded Libra, her mind is as much on who she’ll be with in the future as what she’ll be doing. Rather like Ally McBeal – except Flockhart’s more likely to get the man she wants – and did!

18 November 1974

Chloe Sevigny is the definition of style in contrast to fashion. While no one remotely familiar with the world of show business would imagine that her seemingly uncontrived look – and appearances in settings where she’s regularly photographed – are accidental, her nonchalant demeanor makes it seem so. But then with four of the ten planets in her birth chart in the sensitive yet calculating Scorpio, she enjoys playing the media game. Widely acknowledged for her roles as vulnerable women on offbeat films, she racked up numerous nominations as the girlfriend in “Boys Don’t Cry.” Both professionally and personally she’s a sharp contrast to typical starlets, decked out in top to toe Valentino, while she sports vintage couture mixed with quirky accessories. With the visionary Neptune in inquisitive Sagittarius, to her fashion’s not so much about trends as it is something between a philosophy and a game. And the Moon, key to her sense of femininity, is in positioned cautious, thorough and patient Capricorn. It is here that her acting and style merge, endowing her with those qualities that enable her to play her hand slowly, but to win.

20 November 1942, at 8:30 am, Scranton, PA 

Joe Biden is on a high today, but those who're aware of his persistence as a politician, and his personal challenges, will be aware he's sharing his victory, and the accompanying glory, with anybody who has struggled. That unshakeable determination is revealed not only by his Scorpio Sun, but with three other planets in the sign, yet in the most personal, reflective portion of his birth chart, he's learned to share feelings of loss (of family, or the challenge of his stutter), to uplift others. When campaigning and now, as president, however, he'll rely on the charm of planets in air signs, two in witty, adaptable Gemini and, possibly most important, Neptune, planet of vision, in Libra, and dominating the career angle of his chart - this accounts for the fresh hope so many felt today, at his Inauguration, and will continue to experience in the future.

20 October 1964, at 21:28 in Oakland CA

Among the many 'firsts' of the new Vice President, Kamala Harris, is her gift for being spontaneous in front of a bank of cameras - something few movie stars or models manage. Not only is her racial and cultural background a wonderful mix, so is her birth chart. She's a charming Libra, but with three planets in precise Virgo and two in canny, observant Scorpio, nothing escapes her observant eye nor her need to take action. Add the Moon, key to emotions, in fiery Aries, and while life's joys are embraced instantly, any issues are discussed and dealt with as swiftly. With Saturn - policies and practicalities - in innovative Aquarius, she's always seeking a new, and better, solution for problems, whatever their nature. With a birth chart like this, her achievements are no surprise.

9th January 1982

Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge, who celebrates her 40th birthday on Sunday 9 January, is a true, dutiful, Capricorn. However, her birth chart reveals a strong, sympathetic Cancerian Moon; she's a natural mom, and it links to William's Cancer Sun. 
This also suggests that, as she finds her way, she'll become a new variety of royal; one whose interests and activities are increasingly focused on the era we're moving into, one that's about inspiring and motivating others.
An Aquarian Age princess? The odds are good she'll manage it.

We're focusing on Kate's 40th, but can't discuss her without looking at her husband's chart: we'll call him William here - he's a Cancer, like his mother, and just as sensitive. The position of intuitive Neptune, just rising when he was born, indicates a profound vulnerability.  His military experience gave his life structure, and work as an air ambulance officer, especially, helped balance his own childhood trauma. Most of all, for him, family-life is profoundly healing.  When the time comes, he'll combine these skills, plus Kate's Capricorn practicality, to create a new role for an Aquarian Age monarchy.