Wed 04 October - 2023

At the time, recent developments were unsettling, if not unwelcome. However, now that you’ve had a chance to learn about them in greater depth, and even more how beneficial the resulting changes would be, you’ve exchanged your doubts for enthusiasm. Still, take it slowly. There’s lots yet for you to discover.


Sun 01 October - 2023 To Sat 07 October - 2023

Having been cornered into making arrangements you question, you’re in no mood to discuss yet more changes. However, with the foundation on which those are based shifting, the sooner you and others begin exploring more far-reaching, if not revolutionary, options, the better. Ironically, once you’re actually exploring those ideas, who’d be involved and their direction you’ll be taking, your mood improves considerably. It should. Things are going brilliantly. 


October - 2023

Your objectives are clear and, what’s more, you’ve figured out ways to turn your ideas into reality. However, those plans and the foundation on which they’re based are changing, rapidly and unexpectedly. Take advantage of this period to focus on decluttering your life of unnecessary activities, possessions and, often, alliances. This isn’t just wise, it’ll help clarify circumstances and, equally, your own priorities. Still, be patient. Only after the pivotal Taurus eclipsed Full Moon on 28 October will events, or your vision of the future, come together. 

Year to Come


You aim to organise life exactly as you want it. Yet recent events have forced you to, at minimum, consider unexpected developments. This resulting process has opened your mind, altering your lifestyle. This continues, with the added excitement of practical or financial benefits. The secret? Don’t just explore, get involved. This incudes what makes no sense or is unappealing. Within a short time you recognise the promise potential changes hold. Even then, forget about analysis. Regard these as an experiment, from which you’re learning lots. Long range plans? Take it one day at a time.