Mon 27 March - 2023

On Thursday, 16 March, your ruler Venus clashed with Pluto, triggering a cycle of ideas, activity, growth and, in some situations, dramatic changes. These were as exciting as they’ve been unsettling. In fact, some are still taking place. Knowing that, forget about lasting arrangements. Ensure both plans and your thinking are flexible.


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

Unsettling as events in mid-March seemed, welcome if unexpected developments are making it clear these aren’t just a good idea, they’re leading to exciting developments. While you’ve details about some, you’re short of facts regarding others. Forget about double-checking facts or careful planning. Instead, explore absolutely everything. Often, ideas will merge unexpectedly or changes in circumstances could transform mere good ideas into something miraculous, possibly overnight. 


March - 2023

For ages there’s been talk of changes as unsettling as they’d be far-reaching. Yet because nothing’s taken place so far, you’re beginning to wonder if they’re happening. Actually, this cycle of change is beginning in earnest. While, initially, you’ll be wary, especially with things moving so swiftly, within days you’ll both be relieved to see the end of certain burdensome arrangements and, equally, you’ll be intrigued by new ideas and encounters. For now, focus on exploration. Final decisions can, and should wait until the Sun enters Taurus in late April.

Year to Come


You aim to organise life exactly as you want it. Yet recent events have forced you to, at minimum, consider unexpected developments. This resulting process has opened your mind, altering your lifestyle. This continues, with the added excitement of practical or financial benefits. The secret? Don’t just explore, get involved. This incudes what makes no sense or is unappealing. Within a short time you recognise the promise potential changes hold. Even then, forget about analysis. Regard these as an experiment, from which you’re learning lots. Long range plans? Take it one day at a time.