Tue 28 May - 2024

The last thing you’re in the mood to do is explain to certain stubborn individuals why their approach to changes would only cause them, and ultimately you, problems. And, actually, there’s a better approach. Distract the individuals in question, then organise things yourself. They’ll complain now but, ultimately, they’ll thank you.


Sun 26 May - 2024 To Sat 01 June - 2024

Over the past month or so, you’ve been juggling a series of changes, some thrilling, others unsettling. Or so they seemed at the time. Now and over the next few days, you’ll begin to recognise these as they breakthroughs that they are. Finalising arrangements? Take things slowly. And make a point of exploring everything that comes your way. What’s best could be what’s least expected.


May - 2024

It’s often said you can’t have too much of a ‘good thing’, but from late April and as you move into May, and you’re overwhelmed by welcome events, you’ll begin to wonder. Forget about final decisions and, instead, explore every idea or encounter that shows promise. Ask questions, try things out, giving yourself time to say farewell to certain arrangements while embracing others. Final plans? Judging by late May’s exciting developments, these should wait until early June.

Year to Come


Being ruled by the planet of harmony and beauty, Venus, life’s about living well and creating harmony with those around you, at home and out in the world. However, certain exciting, but unsettling, changes began last year continue during 2024. While, initially, they’ll seem disruptive, you’ll soon recognise them as breakthroughs, and decide to go with the flow. Adopt this approach with sudden ideas or offers, too, and you’ll soon be broadening your horizons in wonderful ways.