Tue 19 October - 2021

So many are on edge, partly because the changes taking place are as unexpected as they are extensive. Yet, despite the resulting unsettled feelings, you’re confident things will work out for the best. They will. The secret? Bear in mind that it will take a while for the mood, and circumstances themselves, to settle.  


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

As a practical earth sign, you’d rather invest considerable time and effort in making plans but be sure they’ll last. While you’ve undoubtedly worked hard to get things organised, this week’s unsettled planetary activity indicates changes aren’t just unavoidable, they’ll lead to breakthroughs as unexpected as, ultimately, they’ll be thrilling. The secret to handling all this? Being flexible in a way that doesn’t come naturally. 


October - 2021

Your recent efforts to handle misunderstandings achieved wonders, but you need a break. What’s more, you and others are urged to back off, and observe what happens next. This, in turn, will lead to exploring practical options that, previously, simply weren’t possible. It’s out of character, but simply plunge in. What you learn about the actual circumstances, others and your own priorities will help clarify existing and future plans. You thought you had ages but certain decisions must be made, and before the month’s close.

Year to Come


You’ve been restless and probably seeking ways to turn the ideas spinning around in your mind into reality. This begins to happen, but not always as you’d imagined. The trick? Focus on the fact things are moving, not the gap between your vision and events. Gradually you’ll exchange concerns, if not the feeling you should battle the unexpected to enthusiasm. Equally, you mood will become more inquisitive. You’ll soon recognise unwelcome surprises as being a better, and improved, version of your own plans. Do that in a single area of your life, and you’ll begin to embrace, and enjoy even unexpected events. What’s more, with the foundation on which plans are based shifting, what seemed your best option will change, possibly often. This variety of flexibility isn’t always easy for you, but worth learning to embrace