Tue 05 July - 2022

Since late May, the fiery Mars has been in the most reflective portion of your chart. This hasn’t just focused your attention on tricky matters, you’ve begun to realise that certain individuals weren’t as loyal as you thought. Now, Mars’s move into Taurus ends this cycle, and kickstarts one that’s far more promising.


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

You’re already rethinking once-worthwhile, if not cherished, plans. However, dynamic Mars’s move into Taurus, on Tuesday – for a six-week stay - kickstarts a cycle of review and, equally, change. While some developments will be a relief, others will be as sudden as they are unsettling, at least initially. You’ll soon recognise them as they breakthroughs you’ve been seeking, but in a different, and unexpectedly thrilling, form.   


July - 2022

You begin the month wrestling with frustrating rules or stubborn individuals. However, within days these are resolved, often suddenly. Accept what’s been arranged, then move on. Not only are your own priorities shifting, ideas, offers or options as thrilling as they are unexpected appear, often from nowhere. Initially, these may seem overwhelming. Still, get to know those who’re involved and explore everything, if only for what you’ll learn. Those insights will be helpful now but, equally, they’ll bring amazing insights as those plans unfold. 

Year to Come


Only recently you swore that, however drastic the changes taking place may be, certain cherished elements of your life, activities or important alliances would remain unchanged. However, by the pivotal Taurus eclipsed New Moon on 30 April, you’ll recognise the excitement the unexpected is bringing your way. The secret? Explore everything. Show interest but make no promises. The events of the year’s second half will be as unsettling as they are exciting. You’ll have plenty to keep you busy, and soon recognise that certain longstanding arrangements need a top to bottom rethink or must go.