Mon 28 November - 2022

There are few things that irritate you more than being cornered into making a compromise, especially when you’ve spent ages figuring out what’s right or wise. Still, resist the temptation to battle for your own hard-won choices. Circumstances have changed, enough you’ll soon discover those changes are also necessary. 


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

The Scorpio Full Moon was in late October, but it was an eclipse, so triggered changes, some dramatic and a few complicated. You’re still dealing with the latter and are beginning to wonder if you’ve ignored important facts. It’s either that, or certain individuals have successfully hidden those, and other equally significant, information from you. Forget about being discreet. Discuss your concerns frankly with others. 


November - 2022

For weeks, if not months, you’ve been questioning the wisdom of recent frank discussions and the resulting sudden changes, in both existing arrangements and future plans. The real problem? You’re trying to pre-plan unpredictable developments. The secret? Think back to recent situations with similarly unsettling events. Most became part of your life. However, times have moved on and these, too, must go. Once you begin exploring your options, you’ll wonder why you hesitated for even a moment. Be bold. You won’t regret it. 

Year to Come


For ages you’ve know elements of your way of living, working or your future plans need to be reviewed, ideally before dramatic shakeups take place. Now, with the eclipsed Full Moon on 16 May and the eclipsed New Moon on 25 October triggering these, you’re both excited and uneasy. The trick? Restrain the ‘control freak’ side of your nature, which will try to rein in these vital, and far-reaching, changes. Once you begin regarding these as an adventure, you’ll realise how much you’re learning, and benefiting.