Sat 24 July - 2021

Just when you’d convinced yourself that you would never again get involved with certain activities or, similarly, with a certain type of individual, you’re about to do exactly that. And, even more, most won’t even discuss options. What you can do, however, is have a fallback plan, in case things don’t work out. 


Sun 18 July - 2021 To Sat 24 July - 2021

Recent plans seemed solid. However, even at your most intuitive, you’d never have conceived of, or imagined, the range of unexpected and, mostly, exciting changes, ideas or offers currently coming your way. While, obviously, reassurance things will go as planned is appealing. However, with so much in transition, it simply isn’t possible. The secret? Take chances. The bolder they are, the more you’ll benefit from the unexpected. 


July - 2021

It was ages ago, but around the Scorpio Full Moon, in late April, you began rethinking elements of your life you regarded as unchanging. Once, they were. Since then, however, a range of events, ideas and encounters has introduced completely unexpected options. During July you begin to embrace these, and discuss them frankly. Simply knowing they’re possible is, in some cases, a relief and in others, inspiring. Final decisions? They can and should wait until early November. By then, things will be much clearer.  

Year to Come


After years of being unable to make changes, mostly because of lack of options, you’ve learnt to make the best of life as it is. Yet as 2021 unfolds, changes in once-rigid arrangements open the door to new possibilities. Being a cautious Scorpio, you’ll take things slowly. However, others are worryingly eager to leap in. Instead of discussing this, back off and let them try. They’ll soon realise how wise you are to wait, watch and learn. Even if you do plunge in, final decisions are unlikely to come together until Mars brings its courage and initiative to Scorpio on 30 October. That and the fresh perspective triggered by the Scorpio New Moon, on 4 November will justify instincts that said to wait, and equally, give you the courage to plunge into unfamiliar alliances and settings.