Wed 20 October - 2021

Initially, when you noticed the underhand manoeuvres of certain individuals, you thought they were trying to avoid upsetting other, over-sensitive, individuals. Only now are you beginning to realise that it’s you they’ve been trying to avoid. Gently, but firmly, explain that because of discussions with others, you’re already aware of all the facts.


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

For several weeks, you’ve faced a range of tricky situations. Some involved others but as many were solo. Each forced you to rethink certain elements of your life you’ve regarded as unchanging. Over the coming two weeks, the Sun and fiery Mars move into Scorpio and then, on 4 November, the New Moon in your sign takes place. Between them all, you’ll get the clarity you’re seeking.  


October - 2021

Ordinarily, when faced with confusing situations, obstacles or unreasonable individuals, you’ll figure out a plan, then take action. That could involve anything from discussions to taking a strong stance. Yet you’re strangely uncertain what’s right or wise. Your intuition is telling you to be patient. From late October, through November, events, encounters or obstacles will raise questions about your priorities. For now? Focus on exploring what needs to change or, possibly, go. The better informed you are, the more swiftly you’ll be able to move when it’s time.

Year to Come


After years of being unable to make changes, mostly because of lack of options, you’ve learnt to make the best of life as it is. Yet as 2021 unfolds, changes in once-rigid arrangements open the door to new possibilities. Being a cautious Scorpio, you’ll take things slowly. However, others are worryingly eager to leap in. Instead of discussing this, back off and let them try. They’ll soon realise how wise you are to wait, watch and learn. Even if you do plunge in, final decisions are unlikely to come together until Mars brings its courage and initiative to Scorpio on 30 October. That and the fresh perspective triggered by the Scorpio New Moon, on 4 November will justify instincts that said to wait, and equally, give you the courage to plunge into unfamiliar alliances and settings.