Wed 17 July - 2024

When you make a plan and, even more, when you commit to an arrangement involving others, you’ll do all you can to stick to those arrangements. However, with so much in flux, and many of those changes as sudden as they are unsettling, the more flexible your thinking, and your plans, the better.


Sun 14 July - 2024 To Sat 20 July - 2024

Over the past week or so, a range of changes in both circumstances and your own increasing concern about once-worthwhile plans has led to discussing, if not actually making, far-reaching changes. Yet you’re uneasy about these as well. Once you understand these aren’t a long term commitment but temporary arrangements, you’ll realise you’ve time both to reflect and to explore your options. 


July - 2024

July could seem a tricky month until you recognise that you’re not alone in dealing with changes as sudden as, often, they are puzzling. The irony is, many of these are taking you closer to rethinking increasingly tedious, if not challenging, arrangements. The problem? The process and people involved aren’t remotely what you’d expected. Despite that, go with the flow. Within days you’ll realise how wise this was.

Year to Come


No sign is better at dealing with, if not overcoming, challenging situations, something you’ve done over the past years. Now, however, amazing if unsettling developments appear. Some are expected, but others are a complete surprise. Explore them, ideally with an open mind. You’ll learn from them all but may surprise yourself by what you decide to go for.