Tue 05 July - 2022

It’s the rare Scorpio who’s happy making tentative plans. Yet judging by the current planetary setup, not only is it you best option, you may have no choice. So waste no time debating each detail. Instead, organise whatever you can, knowing that, when it’s calmer, you can fine-tune arrangements.


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

No sign is better at calculating which plans will go as intended, versus those that could lead to confusion, if not chaos. Yet recent unsettling events have exceeded even your predictive talents. That’s because they’re true breakthroughs. They’re about altering your perspective on pivotal situations. Taking a chance on the unexpected may seem risky, but it’ll transform your vison of the futures and, possibly, life.   


July - 2022

No sign is better at, first, checking out whether changes are necessary and, if they are, ensuring the process is a smooth one. However, between now and the year’s close, a series of events will shake up existing and future plans, often suddenly. The secret? Do something out of character; go with the flow. The sooner you get to know about the people and new ideas involved, the more swiftly you’ll exchange doubts for enthusiasm. Once your perspective’s shifted, you’ll actually be thrilled by those twists and turns. 

Year to Come


For ages you’ve know elements of your way of living, working or your future plans need to be reviewed, ideally before dramatic shakeups take place. Now, with the eclipsed Full Moon on 16 May and the eclipsed New Moon on 25 October triggering these, you’re both excited and uneasy. The trick? Restrain the ‘control freak’ side of your nature, which will try to rein in these vital, and far-reaching, changes. Once you begin regarding these as an adventure, you’ll realise how much you’re learning, and benefiting.