Wed 20 October - 2021

Ages ago, in a moment of optimism, you made exciting plans along with others. At the time, this was a dream, more than anything you thought would actually happen. But now it is, and you’re unsure what to do next. The answer? Discuss events with those individuals from the past. There’s no better starting point.


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

Judging by the recent amazing planetary activity involving your ruler Jupiter, you’re juggling a range of thrilling ideas or offers and, equally, trying to rein in the well-meaning advice of certain cautious individuals. The secret? If you can, avoid discussing these with others. And if you must, ensure the individuals in question share your optimism. Yes, you’ll need help with practicalities, but not just yet. 


October - 2021

This promises to be one of the most exciting months in an amazing year. The problem? What’s best, and possibly most exciting, could involve altering or even abandoning existing plans. Initially this will seem a compromise, if not a sacrifice. But by mid-month you’ll spot the potential in ideas, offers or encounters as unexpected as they are promising. While, usually, you’re easygoing about changes, these could trigger your stubborn streak. If you can’t say a wholehearted yes, at least explore what’s arisen. You’ll be glad you did.

Year to Come


Of the twelve signs, you deal best with change. Yet even you will have been wrestling with the recent unexpected events, some welcome, others less so, triggered by the move by both your ruler Jupiter and practical Saturn to accent discussion and new ideas, in late December of 2020. While some changes, challenges and conversations will begin immediately, as many will span the months of 2021. While, ordinarily, you enjoy stimulating conversation, once the facts are clear, you’ll make a decision, then move on to what’s next. However, life’s about a series of options, most intriguing but often a step to whatever’s next. Once you understand that, you’ll employ that relentless inquisitiveness of yours to discover what you can. And final arrangements? Probably not until Mars moves into Sagittarius, in mid-December of 2021.