Sun 24 January - 2021

Discussions, unexpected encounters and surprise events all seem to be drawing you into making changes that, only recently, you would have done everything possible to avoid. But this is what’s both wonderful and timely. For ages you’ve pretended these didn’t matter. Now, destiny, in the form of these events, is calling your attention to them.


Sun 24 January - 2021 To Sat 30 January - 2021

Usually you’ve an amazing knack for dealing with, if not enjoying, even sudden changes. Yet recent events have upset elements of your routine and even your perspective on life. While, obviously this is unsettling, those shakeups are forcing you to rethink habits and arrangements so longstanding it hasn’t even occurred to you change was possible. It is. And, as you’ll discover when you begin, it’s long overdue. 


January - 2021

Ordinarily, you’re the first to discover and explore new activities, ideas and to get to know those involved in them. However, in several situations these are triggering changes so overwhelming you’re unsure what’s wise. The solution? Do something out of character, and instead of plunging into new arrangements, pause. Ask questions. Learn from others, check things out. And, most of all, meet those involved. These encounters won’t just ensure your questions are answered, they could add to your life in ways as wonderful as they are unexpected.

Year to Come


Of the twelve signs, you deal best with change. Yet even you will have been wrestling with the recent unexpected events, some welcome, others less so, triggered by the move by both your ruler Jupiter and practical Saturn to accent discussion and new ideas, in late December of 2020. While some changes, challenges and conversations will begin immediately, as many will span the months of 2021. While, ordinarily, you enjoy stimulating conversation, once the facts are clear, you’ll make a decision, then move on to what’s next. However, life’s about a series of options, most intriguing but often a step to whatever’s next. Once you understand that, you’ll employ that relentless inquisitiveness of yours to discover what you can. And final arrangements? Probably not until Mars moves into Sagittarius, in mid-December of 2021.