Tue 18 June - 2024

Only recently, certain individuals, whose zest for life you’ve always admired, began to spend more time with you. Initially this involved joint plans and projects. Gradually, you simply joined up for visits. Cherish these moments. You’ve had the good fortune to connect with somebody who could be a long term friend.


Sun 16 June - 2024 To Sat 22 June - 2024

While you share the restless inquisitiveness with your fellow fire signs, Aries and Leo, your journeys into exploration are often as unexpected as they are far-reaching. Not only is that the case now, you’re surprising yourself about what you’re already doing and thinking may be next. If in doubt, reflect on those times in the past when you sidestepped certain opportunities, and are still regretting it. 


June - 2024

Others admire you for your independent streak, and even more, the way you use it both to explore what you find promising but, also, you encourage others to focus on their passions, some of which have been neglected. At the moment, however, you’re restless, and need a new activity, passion or even to broaden your horizons. For now, explore. Within a surpassingly short time, you’ll begin to discover people, places and pursuits that suit you perfectly. 

Year to Come


As an inquisitive fire sign, you’re always exploring everything from new ideas to potential changes. Yet during 2024, your focus is on rethinking elements of your lifestyle, where or how you live. The actual process is, itself, hugely informative. Also, encourage others to update you on options but ensure decisions are yours, and yours alone.