Mon 27 March - 2023

Mars is the planet of action, and judging by its move to accent ways you can broaden your horizon, life’s about to become seriously exciting. The irony is, as a restless Sagittarius, usually you’ve more going on than others anyway. But now? You’re about to set a record for supersonic activities.


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

Being a restless fire sign, you thrive on the unexpected. Yet with twists and turns triggering shake-ups, now and over the coming months, you could feel overwhelmed. Tempting as it is to regain control, back off. Within a short time you’ll begin to discover where events are taking you and, even better, how much you’ll learn from them. That will do wonders to lift your spirits. 


March - 2023

Appealing as certain ideas, offers and plans others are discussing may be, you’re wary. You fear these will trap you in arrangements that are as demanding as they’ll be rigid. While it’s true, they will demand a great deal, these are the kind of challenges that, once you understand them, get you thinking. Better yet, these are taking you into new territory and introducing you to the kind of people you’ve been longing to meet. If in doubt, say yes first, then discuss the details later. You won’t regret it. 

Year to Come


You’re beginning a year of breakthroughs and, often, unexpected good fortune. The challenge? Some events are a repeat of past arrangements that didn’t work or involve relinquishing control. Yes, it’s out of character, but this once, wait and watch. Others or, often, destiny knows what’s best. Within months you realise how true this is, and learn a new skill – that’s being easygoing. Events take you in unfamiliar directions, and your world becomes a bigger and more exciting place. True, sometimes this means going along with thrilling ideas or offers.