Tue 05 July - 2022

Tempting as it is to take exciting plans to the next stage, certain pivotal matters need to be discussed. While at other times you could afford to adopt an easygoing approach to these, even minor errors could lead to unsettling, if not costly, misunderstandings. Take it slowly. you’ll be glad  you did.


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

You’ve an instinctive understanding that, when necessary, even pivotal decisions can be made swiftly. However, the current confusion isn’t just irritating, it’s slowing the pace. This is annoying. However, in retrospect, you’ll realise what a relief it’s been to take time, both to say farewell to elements of the past and, equally, to explore options as exciting as they are unexpected. Those decisions? They can wait. 


July - 2022

You’ve a talent for turning even dull situations into a party. Now, however, you’re facing a range of serious issues, some practical or financial, others involving close alliances. In each, however, you’ve avoided facing them thus far, mostly because you’ve no idea where to begin. The secret? Just plunge in. This enables you to remedy problems. Better yet, you’re encountering a new world of intriguing pursuits, people and places. Explore these, but take your time. You’ll soon be delighted what you’re learning and who you meet. 

Year to Come


The fiery Mars visits Sagittarius from 13 December 2021, until January 24 2022. This period brings amazing options and triggers exciting ideas. But, also, it’s vital you regard your own plans and those involving others as the first of many. The secret? Focus on meeting interesting people and on exploration. If you do organise something, regard it as tentative, if not an experiment. This so broadens your horizons and adds to you life that each twist and turn will excite you all the more.