Wed 04 October - 2023

If asked your approach to joint efforts, with family, friends or out in the world, you’d describe yourself as a ‘team player’, and in many ways you are. Yet being an impatient fire sign, you often struggle with the slow pace of others and find yourself moving ahead on your own.


Sun 01 October - 2023 To Sat 07 October - 2023

For ages you’ve been trying to disentangle yourself from several once-worthwhile but, recently increasingly restrictive arrangements. While this is timely, for now, focus more on exploring your options than decision-making. You may not be feeling patient. Still, wait and watch. The coming week’s events won’t just be exciting, who you meet and the ideas you encounter could so alter your options that you’ll be delightfully overwhelmed. 


October - 2023

Not only do you welcome unexpected developments, often they bring something as exciting as it is new to your life. That’s the case now, and will continue to be over the coming months, as well. Knowing that, respond enthusiastically to whatever arises, but ensure any plans are flexile enough you can easily rethink them. Also, be aware that events are giving you an opportunity to deal with, if not eliminate, certain persistent irritants or obstacles. This, too, won’t happen overnight, but the results will justify the patience required. 

Year to Come


You’re beginning a year of breakthroughs and, often, unexpected good fortune. The challenge? Some events are a repeat of past arrangements that didn’t work or involve relinquishing control. Yes, it’s out of character, but this once, wait and watch. Others or, often, destiny knows what’s best. Within months you realise how true this is, and learn a new skill – that’s being easygoing. Events take you in unfamiliar directions, and your world becomes a bigger and more exciting place. True, sometimes this means going along with thrilling ideas or offers.