Sun 03 March - 2024

Only days ago you were complaining about the range of tedious arrangements and time-consuming obligations you’re facing. The problem isn’t those actual commitments but that you’re exhausted. As a quick thinking and fast moving fire sign, you believe you can do anything. You can. Still, you must sometimes take a break.


Sun 03 March - 2024 To Sat 09 March - 2024

You benefit from being a clever and quick-thinking Sagittarius, and a fire sign, so have  a knack for facing and dealing with even very tricky situations swiftly. In fact, you enjoy the challenge. At the moment, however, with things moving swiftly and the foundation on which plans are based shifting, the less you decide or commit to, the better. For now, focus on exploring your options, including those that, otherwise, you’d have ignored.


March - 2024

Being a restless and inquisitive Sagittarius, you’re usually the first to spot new things to do and places to go. However, now it’s about finding substitutes for certain longstanding elements of your life, some pressing. Say farewell to the past swiftly, when possible. And next?  Urgent as things seem, take it slowly. Why? You’ll spot options that, otherwise, you’d have ignored. This new theme won’t just be worthwhile, it will lead to life changing ideas and encounters.  

Year to Come


As an inquisitive fire sign, you’re always exploring everything from new ideas to potential changes. Yet during 2024, your focus is on rethinking elements of your lifestyle, where or how you live. The actual process is, itself, hugely informative. Also, encourage others to update you on options but ensure decisions are yours, and yours alone.