Wed 04 October - 2023

What began as discussions about improving on worthwhile but unrewarding arrangements have turned into ideas more far-reaching than you’d have imagined possible. However, the more you learn, the more promising these seem. True, you’re lacking vital details. Still, give it a try. The odds are good these will work out brilliantly.


Sun 01 October - 2023 To Sat 07 October - 2023

After a relatively quiet period, not only are you in a restless mood, life’s feeling generous, and you’re being told about, if not invited to, fascinating places. Some are just for having a good time. However, you sense others are about broadening your horizons, in terms of what you’re doing and who you meet. Explore absolutely everything. You’ll be glad you did, now and in the long run. 


October - 2023

Your biggest challenge isn’t what you’re dealing with. In fact, things are going well. The challenge? You’re restless, and seeking activities or alliances that will add a new passion or meaning to your life. As an idealistic Pisces, this is important to you. However, in the past you’ve sometimes got so involved in others’ dramas you lost track of your own vision of the future and, equally, life’s joys. This time, put your interests first. Focus on creating, and maintaining a balance between these two sides of your nature.

Year to Come


Obviously, knowing good fortune is coming is thrilling. However, often, what arises may seem disruptive, at least initially. That’s because often breakthroughs require a sudden change in your habits, thinking or even plans. The secret? Explore absolutely everything and, equally, be ready to make sudden changes. Things will come together, but gradually. And in the meanwhile? Declutter your life, unload burdensome possessions. The lighter you’re travelling, the more swiftly you can respond to even the unexpected. And others’ questions? Say you’re busy now, but will discuss plans when they’re clearer.