Mon 28 November - 2022

Understandably, you’re tempted to ignore certain potentially tricky matters in the hope things will resolve themselves. While that’s worked in the past, by the week’s close they’ll need attention. The more you deal with now, the better informed you’ll be when you need to think swiftly or take fast action then.


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

Every once in a while somebody with good intentions says they’re worried about your activities or plans. This is nothing new. But, actually, these are an opportunity to make changes that, despite being dramatic, are tempting. Explore these, but no more. It’s true, you’re beginning a cycle of growth. However, these are the first of many options. There’ll be a lot more to discover.


November - 2022

While, according to the planets, luck is on your side, that doesn’t mean things will go according to plan. The secret? It’s to regard both existing arrangements and your approach to potential changes as an opportunity to explore, often in ways you’ve previously thought wouldn’t achieve much. That was true at the time, but at the moment, life is about breakthroughs, some as thrilling as they are unexpected. The challenge? Dealing with others’ well-meaning advice. The solution? Thank them, then do what your intuition tells you is best. 

Year to Come


Powerful planetary activity during the year’s first six months is as exciting as, often, events are unsettling. Trust instincts that say this is going in the right direction. Trust instincts that say to explore absolutely everything, because what’s least likely could turn out best. Similarly, listen to others’ advice but rely on your intuition. Be aware, that 2022 is a magical year. Ideas and dreams that once seemed distant, if not impossible, can become reality, and in ways as amazing as they are unexpected