Wed 17 July - 2024

Usually you’re not short tempered. If anything, you’re sometimes overly sympathetic about those who’re struggling. Recently, however, you’ve begun to realise certain selfish individuals are taking advantage of you. Forget about talking things over or seeking a solution. Enough is enough. The sooner you say that, the better.


Sun 14 July - 2024 To Sat 20 July - 2024

As a tender-hearted Pisces, you’ll sometimes become so distracted by the dramas others are facing that you’ll neglect certain of your own plans or, as may have been the case recently, certain long-standing commitments. While this seems worrying, in every case this is triggering a timely review of these arrangements, many longstanding. For now, focus on discussion. Changes? If it’s time, you’ll begin making them next week.


July - 2024

Over the past few months, you’ve faced and dealt with a series of dramas, mostly involving the lives of others. Since you couldn’t ignore these, you’ve tried to be helpful but avoided being drawn into situations that, in truth, weren’t your responsibility. If you’re still juggling these, the time has come to back away, and shift your focus to your own life, passions and pleasures. Better yet, you now know exactly what you want.

Year to Come


For ages, you’ve adopted a tactful approach to tricky situations and those involved in them. However the influence of wise yet tough Saturn in Pisces from 7 March, shifts your focus. Soon you’re taking a tough stance and where unsure, checking the facts with those who’re well informed. This, in turn, eliminates anxieties from enjoyment of life’s pleasures.