Tue 19 October - 2021

Somebody isn’t just apologising for the recent misdeeds, they insist on taking action to compensate for any problems, cost or disruption. The issue? By no means are they responsible for everything. Certain other individuals aren’t just involved, they’re the ones who need to apologise. For now, say nothing. Wait and see what happens.


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

You benefit amazingly from the current changeable but exciting planetary activity. Your only problem? Your tendency to be drawn into others’ dramas. While, obviously, you’re always there for those closest, certain manipulative individuals want your support. You owe them nothing, yet still struggle with saying a firm no. If you can’t, ask somebody else to. Do this now, and you’ll end a long and difficult cycle.  


October - 2021

While the Pisces Full Moon in mid-September will have given you a powerful sense of what’s coming, it will also have forced you to acknowledge that certain arrangements really should come to an end. Deep down, you’ve known this. It’s just you’ve hoped things would work out. As October’s rather magical events unfold, however, you’ll be relieved you’ve already decluttered your thinking, life and goals. Next? Be inquisitive. Learn from experience. Besides, the more you explore, the more exciting opportunities will come your way.

Year to Come


Rarely has there been a year more suited to your flexible, intuitive yet demanding nature. When you believe in something or somebody, you’ll do all you can to make things work. However, as you’ll discover, and in a range of settings, things are more complicated than you expect. The secret? Be patient. Often it’s about taking time to understand changes, and how you or others will benefit. But, also, as you proceed, you’ll discover completely new ideas or options or, possibly meet interesting people. Knowing that, regard even simple plans as an experiment, one that will, at minimum, be rewarding. What’s most important, is to be aware the unexpected will reshape both plans and your thinking. Once that’s clear, everything else will make sense. Final decisions? They can wait, possibly until 2022.