Thu 15 April - 2021

Tempting as it is to try to find a peaceable solution to increasingly tense matters, you’re better off talking these over, and as soon as possible. The problem is that you and others have hopes that by keeping everybody happy, issues would resolve themselves. They won’t. The solution? Frank, and immediate, discussion.


Sun 11 April - 2021 To Sat 17 April - 2021

Although the disarray certain changes would bring is worrying to you and is guaranteed to upset certain individuals whose support you need, your instincts are saying to proceed. They’re right. These are breakthroughs, although in disguise. If those concerns persist, simply ensure arrangements are regarded as flexible. While the dust won’t settle for some weeks, once it does, you’ll be relieved you decided to say yes.  


April - 2021

The ideas, events and offers triggered by the Pisces New Moon, on 13 March, won’t just be inspiring. You’ll be learning about and discussing them well into the month of April and, in some cases, beyond. While your instincts will say what’s worthwhile, certain individuals are less imaginative and could try talk you out of pursuing what you believe in. Waste no time on debate. Instead, discuss your plans, present and future, with somebody who shares your vision but who’ll also raise crucial questions. 

Year to Come


Rarely has there been a year more suited to your flexible, intuitive yet demanding nature. When you believe in something or somebody, you’ll do all you can to make things work. However, as you’ll discover, and in a range of settings, things are more complicated than you expect. The secret? Be patient. Often it’s about taking time to understand changes, and how you or others will benefit. But, also, as you proceed, you’ll discover completely new ideas or options or, possibly meet interesting people. Knowing that, regard even simple plans as an experiment, one that will, at minimum, be rewarding. What’s most important, is to be aware the unexpected will reshape both plans and your thinking. Once that’s clear, everything else will make sense. Final decisions? They can wait, possibly until 2022.