Mon 27 March - 2023

While good fortune is on its way, it’s taking an unexpected form. Enough that, initially, you may not spot the promise of certain ideas or encounters. The trick? Focus on something else entirely, ideally an activity that will be helpful to others. It will boost your spirits and could, also, bring welcome changes.


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

Often, you’re drawn into others’ dramas. As a Piscean, this is nothing new. Yet it’s now vital that you focus on your own priorities and, difficult as it may be, put you and your activities first. This allows you to organise plans swiftly and, better yet, they’ll be amazingly worthwhile. Once things are settled, you’ll have both the time, and the energy, to give others the support they need. 


March - 2023

Although the Pisces New Moon, with its fresh perspective on certain elements of your life, will have taken place on 20 February, during March you’ll still be exploring a range of ideas and options. What’s more, with the foundation on which plans are based changing, and often, the focus remains on exploration. True, certain individuals will be eager to finalise plans. Exchange ideas with them, then back off, and allow destiny to rearrange things. Gradually, they, too will realise that, at the moment, life is about exploration, not rigid planning.

Year to Come


Obviously, knowing good fortune is coming is thrilling. However, often, what arises may seem disruptive, at least initially. That’s because often breakthroughs require a sudden change in your habits, thinking or even plans. The secret? Explore absolutely everything and, equally, be ready to make sudden changes. Things will come together, but gradually. And in the meanwhile? Declutter your life, unload burdensome possessions. The lighter you’re travelling, the more swiftly you can respond to even the unexpected. And others’ questions? Say you’re busy now, but will discuss plans when they’re clearer.