Sat 29 January - 2022

Few things are more worrying than others complaining about, and even threatening to avoid, changes that aren’t just timely, they’re essential. The secret? Discuss the situation frankly. The odds are good you’ll discover the individuals in question plan on being cooperative, but despite that, are having fun making trouble in the meanwhile.


Sun 23 January - 2022 To Sat 29 January - 2022

Your intuition is very clear, both about your own changing circumstances and those reshaping the life of others. But actually turning those ideas into plans, and those into action, is another matter. Urgent as things seem, the foundation on which these are based is shifting and will continue to do so for some weeks. The secret? Make those plans, but ensure it’s understood they’re tentative. 


January - 2022

After a tricky December, you’ll be thrilled by the enthusiasm and discussions triggered by January’s powerful planetary activity. However, much of what’s taking place involves others and would be of little direct benefit to you. This means learning what you can, then focus exclusively on those ideas, alliances and long range plans that will be of benefit to you. This may seem uncaring, but you and your plans, now and for the future, really must come first. Those exciting joint ventures? Save them for February and March. 

Year to Come


Powerful planetary activity during the year’s first six months is as exciting as, often, events are unsettling. Trust instincts that say this is going in the right direction. Trust instincts that say to explore absolutely everything, because what’s least likely could turn out best. Similarly, listen to others’ advice but rely on your intuition. Be aware, that 2022 is a magical year. Ideas and dreams that once seemed distant, if not impossible, can become reality, and in ways as amazing as they are unexpected