Sun 03 March - 2024

For ages you’ve put up with the increasingly irritating attitude of certain selfish individuals, mostly because you assumed they were unaware how irritating it is. On the contrary, the individuals in question enjoy it. Since they’re unlikely to change, it may be that, at long last, you’ll finally decide to rethink your relationship.


Sun 03 March - 2024 To Sat 09 March - 2024

The decisions you’re currently facing aren’t new. In fact, they’re similar to a range of tricky situations you’ve being dealing with over the past few years. Now, however, the actual matters are more personal and often leave you unsure about both existing plans and your priorities. While you’re capable of dealing with this, but need time, certain individuals are in a rush. Explain, clearly but firmly, that the matters in question will be dealt with, but by no means, overnight.


March - 2024

Long ago you realised that while, when you’re passionate about a plan or, of course, an individual, whatever the nature of the relationship, you focus on it wholeheartedly. However, with so much going on, in so many areas of your life, it’s time to broaden your horizons. True, often destiny will do this for you, sometimes in ways that, initially, you don’t fully understand. Still, explore absolutely everything that comes your way. What you discover and who you meet won’t just be exciting, they could transform your life.

Year to Come


For ages, you’ve adopted a tactful approach to tricky situations and those involved in them. However the influence of wise yet tough Saturn in Pisces from 7 March, shifts your focus. Soon you’re taking a tough stance and where unsure, checking the facts with those who’re well informed. This, in turn, eliminates anxieties from enjoyment of life’s pleasures.