Sat 29 January - 2022

Once you understand the nature of this period, and especially the unsettled mood of others, you’ll stop worrying about keeping everybody happy. In fact, you’re urged to back off and let those who’re struggling learn from experience. The less you say, the more likely they are to figure things out on their own.


Sun 23 January - 2022 To Sat 29 January - 2022

You don’t think of yourself as being impatient. However, you’re probably getting frustrated with the range of unresolved misunderstandings and, equally, unsettled plans you’re facing. Actually, this is no surprise. With your ruler Venus retrograde until 4 February, delays are inevitable. Living with the current confusion isn’t easy. But each day’s discussions are informative and, better yet, are bringing you closer to those who matter most. 


January - 2022

It’s taken you ages to organise certain pivotal elements of your life. However, times have changed and so, too, must these arrangements. Once you begin, you’ll realise this is overdue. The secret? Begin now, taking things step by step. And get others involved. Often, they’re better informed than you and can achieve wonders swiftly. Finally, aim high. You could worry change will upset others. If so, don’t worry about bothering others. Talk things over frankly. The resulting conversations will be amazingly informative and lead to wise changes. 

Year to Come


The year of 2022 is about decluttering your way of living, working or even your passions. Once you understand that, you’ll stop analysing every situation in detail and do something out of character. You’ll allow events, and your own plans and priorities to unfold when, and as, they must. True, this could mean living with uncertainty. And while, initially this will take courage, you’ll discover a new freedom and joy in this approach. By the year’s close, you’ll realise how wise it is.