Thu 15 April - 2021

Usually, planning ahead is both practical and a relief, especially if you’ll be dealing with difficult individuals and unsettling situations. However, certain of these matters are unlikely to clear up soon. The secret? Ignore others’ complaints, and be both flexible and patient. Things will work out, but it will take time.


Sun 11 April - 2021 To Sat 17 April - 2021

The week divides neatly into two parts. Initially your focus will be rethinking a range of issues, from personal to financial, some recent but many as persistent as they’ve been puzzling. Amazingly, by midweek, most will be resolved. This, then, frees you to focus on a range of promising yet unsettling ideas. The rapid pace will force you to move swiftly. Discussions can wait. 


April - 2021

The changes triggered by the Libra Full Moon on 28 March seem final, but they’re just beginning a process of discussion, exploration and yet more discovery. While, initially, you’ll try to stick with original plans, soon new ideas, inspiring encounters and unexpected changes lead to fresh take on existing plans and your ideas about what’s next. Although, obviously, you’d like things settled, every twist and turn is so exciting you’re soon embracing events that, while disruptive in the short term, offer thrilling promise in the long run. 

Year to Come


Knowing you need to make decisions is one thing. But during 2021, frequent and often sudden changes in your priorities or plans, or you own circumstances or those of others mean lasting plans ae unlikely, at least until midyear. Once that’s clear, instead of worrying about details, you’ll think about which elements of your life need to change, if not come to an end. Letting go won’t always be easy. However, the energy and determination triggered by fiery Mars’s move into Libra, on 15 September, kick-starts a cycle of exploration. This, in turn, prepares you for the fresh perspective that comes with the Libra New Moon, on 6 October. The result is a clarity that enables you to let go of the past and focus on the thrilling events that have already come your way, and will during the rest of the year.