Sun 03 March - 2024

Certain individuals actually enjoy making others uncomfortable, enough they tend to encourage situation in which they’ve managed to cause tension in the past. The solution? Conduct a top to bottom rethink of plans, and ensure the mood is so easygoing that tensions aren’t just unlikely they’re impossible. That should do the trick.


Sun 03 March - 2024 To Sat 09 March - 2024

Currently, you’re facing a range of practical matters. While most are uncomplicated, each requires a series of discussions. As much as you’d like things settled swiftly, the actual circumstances and people involved are in flux, which means accepting the fact plans will, inevitably, change, quite possibly more then once. Knowing that, you’ll stop worrying about getting everything right and regard each plan as one of a series. 


March - 2024

While you appreciate the importance of plans being thorough, you’re always conscious of ensuring arrangements are flexible enough that when the need to rethink things arises, those changes can be discussed, and made, easily. However, with the foundation on which plans are based shifting, every day brings a new twist. Challenging as accepting this is, do so and you’ll exchange worries for the sense of promise that periods of this nature are all about. Once that’s clear, the rest will be easy.  

Year to Come


As much as you enjoy chatting with others about things to do and places to go, actually turning those ideas into plans can be challenging. Recently, certain events forced you to find a way, ideally without upsetting anybody.  Now that skill applies to new areas of your life and, equally, with those closest.