Tue 05 July - 2022

On several occasions over the past months, you’ve agreed to lend others a hand when discussing plans, deciding about pivotal changes or even how to put them into action. Now, however, the time has come and they’re expecting your help. Explain you’ll continue to support them but primarily with ongoing helpful ideas.  


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

You’re in a period of discussion and discovery, but not decision-making. Once that’s clear, you’ll stop worrying about future plans and focus on making timely if disruptive changes. While unsettling, these are clearing the way for new ideas, if not stunning breakthroughs. The first step? Say farewell to elements of the past. Some seem vital but once you’ve said farewell to them, you’ll realise they’re not. 


July - 2022

At the moment, several controversial matters are being discussed. While this is timely, you could be overwhelmed by others’ strong feelings. For now, you’re better off politely but firmly changing the subject. Instead, focus on certain dull but uncomplicated practical matters. The good news is these need attention, and resolving them will be a relief. Better yet, the resulting joint efforts will restore strained relations with others. And those seemingly pressing dramas? The odds are good that they’ll have resolved themselves, to your relief and, equally, others’. 

Year to Come


The year of 2022 is about decluttering your way of living, working or even your passions. Once you understand that, you’ll stop analysing every situation in detail and do something out of character. You’ll allow events, and your own plans and priorities to unfold when, and as, they must. True, this could mean living with uncertainty. And while, initially this will take courage, you’ll discover a new freedom and joy in this approach. By the year’s close, you’ll realise how wise it is.