Tue 18 June - 2024

For ages you’ve been trying to find a way around the activities that certain individuals regard as good fun. The problem? While these are entertaining to some, they’re unsettling if not actually upsetting to others. For now, diplomatically sidestep these. Once you begin, you’ll realise it’s easier than you expected.


Sun 16 June - 2024 To Sat 22 June - 2024

Most of those around you, from family and friends, to your neighbours or, if you work, colleagues, are impressed by your ability to move through even tricky situations gracefully. However, when necessary, you can be firm, if not stunningly tough. This is one of those times. Forget about discussion and quietly proceed with whatever needs to be done. Others will be grateful beyond belief. 


June - 2024

Ordinarily, you’re the one others seek out, to talk through their dilemmas, personal or practical. Yet now that you’re in need of council and worryingly short of facts, you’re unsure where to turn. Actually, this is about building a team, both to advise and back you up. While ordinarily you’d be more discreet, this period is about talking to, and working closely with a range of individuals, each of whom offers something special. True, not all will remain a part of your life - but many will, far more than, only recently, you’d have imagined possible. 

Year to Come


As much as you enjoy chatting with others about things to do and places to go, actually turning those ideas into plans can be challenging. Recently, certain events forced you to find a way, ideally without upsetting anybody.  Now that skill applies to new areas of your life and, equally, with those closest.