Tue 19 October - 2021

Although the pivotal Libra New Moon took place two weeks ago, you’re still juggling the resulting changes. Some involve what’s on its way out. But of even greater importance are the changes events and, in some cases, unexpected offers are bringing into your way of thinking, living and perspective on the future.


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

The planet Mercury is all about ideas, and it remains in Libra for an unusually long period, from 30 August to early November. What’s more it’s been retrograde. This ends on the 18th, giving you an amazing opportunity to explore your own perspective on life and, equally, that of others. For now, focus on what you’re learning. Take it slowly. Decisions can and should wait. 


October - 2021

You’ve lots of questions, some longstanding, others more recent. But they’re not only on your mind, the lack of clarity about these matters is preventing you making decisions. There’s no rush. While the Libra New Moon, on 6 October, brings timely insights, lasting plans should wait. Instead, explore and experiment and, most of all, take chances. Forget about getting things right and, instead, plunge in, knowing mistakes will be more informative than getting it right. Most of all, enjoy what you discover and who you meet.

Year to Come


Knowing you need to make decisions is one thing. But during 2021, frequent and often sudden changes in your priorities or plans, or you own circumstances or those of others mean lasting plans ae unlikely, at least until midyear. Once that’s clear, instead of worrying about details, you’ll think about which elements of your life need to change, if not come to an end. Letting go won’t always be easy. However, the energy and determination triggered by fiery Mars’s move into Libra, on 15 September, kick-starts a cycle of exploration. This, in turn, prepares you for the fresh perspective that comes with the Libra New Moon, on 6 October. The result is a clarity that enables you to let go of the past and focus on the thrilling events that have already come your way, and will during the rest of the year.