Wed 04 October - 2023

For weeks and, in some cases, months you’ve had to sidestep tricky issues, mostly because certain individuals have simply refused to acknowledge there’s a problem. Although they haven’t shown it, the individuals in question have been grateful for your patience. To your surprise, in fact, it’s likely they’ll soon reveal just how grateful.  


Sun 01 October - 2023 To Sat 07 October - 2023

Having struggled to turn potentially contentious ideas into plans everybody’s happy with, you’ve achieved wonders, and so need a break. However, judging by the success of your recent ventures, destiny will keep you busy with new and promising plans, and the people that come with them. The trick? Regard these as the beginning of something that will change frequently and, often, brilliantly. 


October - 2023

During October’s first half, you’ll be continuing recent discussions about altering existing arrangements, versus plans as exciting as, in some cases, they are unexpected. While, ordinarily, you’d think things through in detail, the events triggered by the rare and powerful Libra eclipsed New Moon on the 14th, revolutionises circumstances and your thinking. This means taking action swiftly, then dealing with each twist and turn as it arises. While unsettling in the short term, what you do, and who you encounter, bring the breakthroughs you’ve been awaiting.  

Year to Come


During the past two years, 2021 and 2022, you’ve faced a range of informative yet tricky situations. Some involved you, alone, but as many had to do with those closest, especially family and friends. Now, you’ll review what you’ve discussed, leant and dealt with, and what’s next. Happily, often it’s about taking a break to enjoy what you’ve achieved. This, in turn, means you’ve time to consider future options, including your own plans and passions. Recently these had to wait. Now they, and your own interests, can come first.