Mon 28 November - 2022

By no means are you fixed in your thinking. On the contrary, as an inquisitive air sign, you’re often better informed than others about all sorts of things. Still, judging by the current planetary setup, some surprises are coming your way. Knowing that, ensure your plans are flexible enough to ride out those changes.


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

The range of tricky situations you’ve been dealing with are nothing new. Yet, you’ve not only handled them wisely, you’ve managed to calm others before they turned what are actually minor problems into major dramas. Ironically, however, in certain situations you’re urged to stand back and allow exactly that to happen. Certain individuals will do nothing until minor issues become a genuine crisis. 


November - 2022

Since late September you’ve been juggling a range of tricky situations and the unpredictable mood of others. While, mostly, you’ve been glad to help, certain individuals have seemed determined to make things worse. The good news is that by November, you’ll have found ways to keep them happy, yet focus on your own life, especially certain intriguing ideas or offers. These are best managed by adopting a discreet approach, at least until the new year. As a tactful Libra, you’ll be amazingly good at juggling facts when necessary.  

Year to Come


The year of 2022 is about decluttering your way of living, working or even your passions. Once you understand that, you’ll stop analysing every situation in detail and do something out of character. You’ll allow events, and your own plans and priorities to unfold when, and as, they must. True, this could mean living with uncertainty. And while, initially this will take courage, you’ll discover a new freedom and joy in this approach. By the year’s close, you’ll realise how wise it is.