Sun 24 January - 2021

You sometimes take a break from the complexities of the here and now, and escape to times and places that were calm, quiet and boosted your spirits. True, you may not be able to actually go there physically. But you can imagine being there, and the wonderful feelings, into the here and now. 


Sun 24 January - 2021 To Sat 30 January - 2021

Your talent for putting others at ease is a gift. However, with challenging issues demanding a forthright approach, you’re overwhelmed. In the past you’ve put off tackling such matters until forced to by events or others’ complaints. While that’s worked before, instead you’re encouraged to raise these. Be frank. Make your focus resolving them, and you’ll do exactly that, and without the dramas you’ve feared. 


January - 2021

January’s a major review. It’ll be demanding but more worthwhile than you’d imagined possible. The challenge? Those around you will be less enthusiastic about life and, even when things go well, they’ll complain constantly. There’s a trick. First, tend to your own plans. Then work on boosting others’ spirits. Encourage them to seek a more productive approach to obstacles. Mostly, however, this means backing off, ensuring they’ve vital space to make, and learn from, their own mistakes. And, equally, you’ll be discovering new joys of your own.

Year to Come


Knowing you need to make decisions is one thing. But during 2021, frequent and often sudden changes in your priorities or plans, or you own circumstances or those of others mean lasting plans ae unlikely, at least until midyear. Once that’s clear, instead of worrying about details, you’ll think about which elements of your life need to change, if not come to an end. Letting go won’t always be easy. However, the energy and determination triggered by fiery Mars’s move into Libra, on 15 September, kick-starts a cycle of exploration. This, in turn, prepares you for the fresh perspective that comes with the Libra New Moon, on 6 October. The result is a clarity that enables you to let go of the past and focus on the thrilling events that have already come your way, and will during the rest of the year.