Tue 28 May - 2024

Most of those born under the sign of Leo benefit from a strong sense of individual identity and, even more, with an equally strong commitment to supporting those you care about most. At the moment, however, be cautious. Certain individuals are determined to do this their way, that is, they’re being independent.


Sun 26 May - 2024 To Sat 01 June - 2024

While, often, your independent streak is an asset, at the moment it could prevent you discussing the changes others are making. True, mostly it’s about what they’re doing, and little more. However, in one or two situations, you’ll be drawn into their ideas and actions and will soon be deeply involved. Within a short time, you’ll realise this is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and reorganise plans so these have priority. 


May - 2024

During May, destiny is triggering thrilling, if unexpected, events. Once that’s clear, you’ll go with the flow, and will be delighted by what you encounter and who you meet. True, often these lead to changes as unexpected as they’ll be unsettling. But here, too, trust instincts that say to go with the flow. While this means rethinking fundamental elements of your life, you’ll soon realise what’s next is far better than what’s on its way out.

Year to Come


Although most Leos have a dramatic side, you work hard to ensure the rest of your life is stable and, in fact, often battle changes. So it’s vital you know this year’s many twists and turns are timely, often leading to thrilling, although unexpected, progress. If you can’t say ‘yes’, at least explore what, and who, comes your way. The more you learn, the more enthusiastic you’ll be. Better yet, shake-ups lead to thrilling encounters and activities.