Sat 24 July - 2021

As a fire sign, by and large, you think and act swiftly. However, the complex issues you’re facing have forced you to slow down. While initially this is hugely irritating, you’ll soon realise how much you learn when you take time to delve into the source of issues and ways to deal with them.


Sun 18 July - 2021 To Sat 24 July - 2021

At the moment it may seem you’re doing nothing but saying farewell to the past, from former  passions to cherished possessions. This is timely, because the lighter you’re travelling when the Sun moves into Leo, on the 22nd, the better prepared you’ll be to shed yet more burdens and focus on exciting and often unexpected changes. Planning ahead? Not now. Live one day at a time. 


July - 2021

You’ve little choice over even major decisions. Obviously, this won’t thrill you. However, over the past month you’ve yielded to similar situations and, are recognising how much you’ve benefited. These changes, and what you’re learning from them, are preparing you for the fresh start that comes with the Leo New Moon on 8 August. The more of these dull but crucial changes you make now, the freer you will be to move swiftly then. If in doubt, take a chance on destiny’s generosity. You’ll soon be glad you did. 

Year to Come


For ages there’s been talk of changes in elements of your life, such as the way you live, work or in close alliances, however, you’ve managed to sidestep these. That may have seemed wise at the time, but with the planet of abundance, Jupiter, and practical Saturn both accenting joint activities and indicating the need to make such changes - probably a series of them - it’s time to plunge in. If you’re anxious initially, you’ll soon exchange those feelings for enthusiasm about what you’re doing and what could be next. True, this leads to shakeups in longstanding arrangements at home or out in the world. Yet you’ve long known these were overdue and, ironically, once you begin, you’ll wonder why you hesitated for even a moment. The secret to making the best of 2021? Be bold. Act swiftly and ask questions later.