Mon 28 November - 2022

Last week’s stunning link between your ruler the Sun and fortunate Jupiter not only triggered exciting ideas and encounters, you’re still benefitting from many of them. However, some involve changes so unexpected or far-reaching you’re uneasy. While that’s understandable, go for it. Soon events will exchange those doubts for enthusiasm.


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

True, the current planetary setup accents life’s joys, together with others and, sometimes, on your own. However, you’re also facing a range of obligations as complex as they are persistent. The time has come to review these, ideally with those involved. Once you’re talking things over, you’ll realise most can be dealt with swiftly, and that others are less complicated than you feared.  


November - 2022

For ages you’ve successfully battled pointless, if not unwelcome, changes in your way of living, working or future plans. Now, , however, destiny is taking over. What’s more, changes you only recently dreaded have turned into an unexpectedly welcome elements of your life. As this cycle continues, learn from the past, and at least explore unanticipated encounters and developments . Also, be aware, often these are the first steps towards achieving dreams that only recently seemed beyond your reach. For now, focus on exploration. Lasting plans can, and should, wait. 

Year to Come


Your talent for turning even very ordinary ideas into something special is a special Leo gift. Yet during 2022, your focus is on the past. On one hand, you’ll be learning from and letting go of what didn’t work. However, as the old vanishes, events or pivotal encounters take you in new directions, some as exciting as they are unexpected. The challenge? Each requires you relinquish control or say farewell to elements the past. Once you do, you discover the new world that awaits you.