Mon 27 March - 2023

On the 20th, your ruler the Sun moved into the most inquisitive portion of your chart. This was good timing, because it’s shifted your attention from several important but dull practical matters to exciting ideas and unexpected options. For now, focus on exploring these. Within a few days, what’s good could get even better.  


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

Having invested considerable time and effort in rethinking arrangements, then struggling to impose order on the result, you’re in no mood for yet more changes. However, life’s about exactly that. The challenge? You’re unlikely to have the necessary facts or, in some cases, support, until mid-April, when your ruler the Sun meets fortunate Jupiter. And now? Declutter your life. You already know what needs to go. 


March - 2023

You may not be in the mood to review elements of the past, especially those that have caused clashes with others and practical or financial issues. Dull as the matters in question may be, it’s worth delving into these, and in detail. What you learn won’t just be informative, you’ll spot how you’ve been unwise or misinformed by others. This, in turn, will prompt you to focus on the plans you’re currently making with clearer demands and an eye on the budget. 

Year to Come


Recently you realised certain once-rewarding arrangements need to change substantially or come to an end. This is good timing, because you’re ready for the exciting, yet unsettling, series of ideas and offers 2023 brings your way. Explore everything, including those you regard as unrealistic. You’ll learn from what doesn’t last, while others will broaden your horizons, often amazingly. Also, break old habits. This won’t be easy but frees you to plunge into ideas or offers as thrilling as they are unexpected. The more chances you take, the more you’ll benefit.