Sat 29 January - 2022

Nobody is as generous as a Leo whose intention is to make magic for somebody. One thought. Discreetly check that the ideas, offers or surprises you have in mind will fit in with their current and, even more, future plans. This may not be as spontaneous as you’d like, but it is essential.


Sun 23 January - 2022 To Sat 29 January - 2022

It’s not that you’ve been secretive. Actually, you’ve feared even mentioning certain tricky matters would lead to pointless, and unending, discussions. However, these can’t be ignored. The secret? Raise them yourself, but when you’ve control of both the mood and the amount of time that can be given to talking things over. Then explore worthwhile options. And firmly stick to the objective, getting those issues settled. 


January - 2022

While you don’t thrive on disruption, the range of shakeups you’re facing are forcing you to explore changes that, until recently, you’ve successfully battled. The fact is, these aren’t just inevitable, they’ll be incredibly informative. Take it slowly. Things won’t be clear until the Leo Full Moon on 16 February. By then, you’ll have reviewed, rethought, and ideally shed a range of plans you once cherished. Times have changed and so, too, must your objectives, for the present and the future. Begin that process of questioning and review now. 

Year to Come


Your talent for turning even very ordinary ideas into something special is a special Leo gift. Yet during 2022, your focus is on the past. On one hand, you’ll be learning from and letting go of what didn’t work. However, as the old vanishes, events or pivotal encounters take you in new directions, some as exciting as they are unexpected. The challenge? Each requires you relinquish control or say farewell to elements the past. Once you do, you discover the new world that awaits you.