Wed 04 October - 2023

Certain individuals aren’t just determined to make plans, they’re looking into the distant future. While, at times, this is wise, if not necessary, at the moment it would only complicate matters. Still, discuss others’ ideas, while diplomatically avoiding committing to anything. They’ll be happy and, better yet, you’ll learn a lot.


Sun 01 October - 2023 To Sat 07 October - 2023

With so much going on around you, in others’ lives and in your own, not only are certain longstanding plans changing frequently, the foundation on which new arrangements are based is equally unsettled. While this slows the pace of decision-making, as an inquisitive Gemini, you’ve a knack for turning even chaotic moments into something worthwhile, if not profitable. And others’ complaints? Listen, be sympathetic, but sidestep unnecessary changes. 


October - 2023

As much as you enjoy exploring new ideas, by midmonth you’ll have no choice but to turn them into action. While, mostly, plans will fall into place magically, you’ll discover that certain arrangements are far more complex than you thought. Your biggest challenge is accepting there’s no ‘quick fix’ but that, instead you’re facing a tricky combination of details and serious exploration. Challenging as this is, what you experience and learn, and who you meet, more than justify the patience required.

Year to Come


Being inquisitive by nature, you aim to deal with life’s practicalities swiftly. This, in turn, frees you to explore. During 2023, however, frequent changes on the foundation on which elements of your life are based will require a far-reaching rethink. While annoying initially, you soon realise how much even unsettling twists and turns are adding to your life, in the present - but in terms of future plans. The trick? Organise your life in a way that’s practical yet allows you to explore even unexpected ideas and offers.