Wed 20 October - 2021

Certain uptight individuals are challenging to deal with at the best of times. But now you’re facing a combination of unreliable facts and frequently shifting circumstances. Forget about serious discussions. Listen to what they have in mind, talk over potential plans but firmly avoid making promises of any kind. That way, you’ll avoid future dramas.


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

It’s true, your ruler Mercury has been retrograde since late September, and this cycle ends Monday. However, you and the rest of the world will still be struggling with the powerful, and mostly welcome, changes triggered by unsettling planetary activity. The secret? Be bold yet ensure whatever you organise is flexible. And keep in touch with others. Those links will lead to exciting and often unexpected plans. 


October - 2021

Usually, you’re superb at dealing with life’s twists and turns. But those you, and the world around you, are facing offer a lesson in being relaxed with sudden change. Once you understand the unsettled nature of this period, you’ll rely on your instinctive inquisitiveness as a guide. However, not everybody will agree. If so, proceed the way you think best, and leave discussions for later. Meanwhile, make a point of exploring absolutely everything, since what seems least promising could work out brilliantly in the long run.

Year to Come


With fiery Mars in Gemini from 4 March to 23 April you’re both feeling enthusiastic about exploring new options, yet ready to focus on goals. This boosts your clarity about what it’s time to say farewell to, an important step before you begin making serious plans for your future. The secret? Seek a balance. As you explore, consciously shed elements of the past that no longer work. While challenging, this clears away clutter from the past, which in turn enables you to explore, and benefit from, the exciting new encounters and experiences coming your way. Despite that, continue to explore. What seems the best option midyear could be exceeded by what appears later in the year and could soon become an exciting and, possibly, lasting part of your life.