Mon 27 March - 2023

It’s true, you sometimes struggle with others’ ideas and puzzling demands. However, as a team player, you’ve a knack for finding an approach to arrangements that keeps everybody else happy, yet allows you to stick to plans you have in mind. This isn’t just important, your ideas are far more important than you realise.


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

Exciting as recent ideas, offers or events have been, things haven’t come together as planned. While others’ advice is to pause, and be practical, you’re urged to continue talking about, and exploring, what excites you and equally, unexpected ideas or offers. Finalising plans? Forget about taking a cautious approach. You’ve reached a turning point. Keep arrangements flexible enough you can rethink things, probably more than once. 


March - 2023

With your ruling planet Mercury positioned in the powerful midheaven angle of your chart during March’s first half, you’ll be making lots of decisions. While you’ll be well-prepared for some, others will be as sudden as they are far-reaching. Discuss these with those you trust, but then base plans on what you, and you alone, feel is best. Then, from mid-March onwards, be prepared to turn those ideas into action. Still, at times this will be overwhelming. However, you’ll be pleased with, and proud of, what you’ve organised. 

Year to Come


Being inquisitive by nature, you aim to deal with life’s practicalities swiftly. This, in turn, frees you to explore. During 2023, however, frequent changes on the foundation on which elements of your life are based will require a far-reaching rethink. While annoying initially, you soon realise how much even unsettling twists and turns are adding to your life, in the present - but in terms of future plans. The trick? Organise your life in a way that’s practical yet allows you to explore even unexpected ideas and offers.