Mon 28 November - 2022

This is a complex week. Knowing that, you’ll forget about making lasting plans or reaching an agreement with certain difficult individuals. Instead, focus on talking things through, knowing that each day will bring yet more changes, so yet more to discuss. Once that’s clear, everything else will make sense.


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

Ordinarily you’ve not only got a knack for dealing with complex problems or misunderstandings, you rather enjoy the challenge. Now, however, there’s more to it. Those misunderstandings or conflicts are raising issues, personal and otherwise, that will reach a peak around the time of the Gemini Full Moon next week, on the 8th. Consequently, for now focus on learning everything you can. Decisions should wait. 


November - 2022

No sign is better at turning even unsettling events, such as those you’ve been facing, and that continue throughout November, into something worth exploring. Lasting arrangements? For now explore patiently. Things will only just begin coming together around the Gemini Full Moon, on 8 December. Until then, declutter, reviewing everything from your daily routine to increasingly restrictive arrangements. This isn’t just overdue, it frees you to explore new ideas and encounters. While they won’t always become a lasting part of your life, they’ll add valuable insights. 

Year to Come


While you’re inquisitive and usually know what’s happening in the world around you and others’ lives before they do, you’ll often ignore even pressing changes in elements of your own life until the last minute. True, initially, it may seem you’re giving into ideas or plans you dread. Still, plunge in. The results will be magic. What you experience, achieve and who you meet won’t just be exciting, they’ll change your life. While some are temporary, others mark the beginning of a timely new cycle.