Tue 28 May - 2024

You don’t realise it until you’ve been cornered into a conversation or, possibly, meeting with somebody who simply isn’t interested in broadening their horizons, that is learning about the world around them, how much you enjoy exploring the world around you and the people in it. And rarely has that been more vital than now.


Sun 26 May - 2024 To Sat 01 June - 2024

As a Gemini, you’re inquisitive by nature. So instead of grumbling about frequent changes in circumstances, you’ve made a point of exploring everything that’s appeared, including ideas or offers that seemed unrealistic at the time. Now, however these aren’t just showing amazing promise, certain cautious individuals are asking how you managed to spot them so swiftly. The answer? You explore what arises for the sheer joy of it. 


May - 2024

While decisions may seem urgent, currently life’s about exploration. Judging by the stream of intriguing ideas and encounters, tempting as it is to turn these into lasting plans, with fortunate Jupiter moving into Gemini on 25 May, for a year’s stay, you’ll want freedom to explore. The secret? Learn the art of showing interest, but ensuring decisions are tentative. This enables you to take advantage of the astonishing events promised by the stars for the coming twelve months.  

Year to Come


You’re inquisitive, so enjoy in meeting and getting to know others, often people who broaden your circle in magical ways. Now, however, you must come first. This is about what, and who, to focus on and, equally, where decluttering is necessary. Initially you’ll put things off.  But once you begin, it will be a relief, and give you more time for yourself