Tue 05 July - 2022

Ages ago, you were facing a seriously tricky issue, so told what you regarded as a simple fib. At the time, it was. Since then, the matter in question has become everybody’s business, and even minor deceptions will be highlighted and discussed. The solution? Reveal all you’ve said and done before others do.


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

Recently, you’ve worked hard organising plans. However, with both your ruler Mercury and Mars moving into new positions, on Tuesday, sudden shifts in circumstances demand you rethink existing plans, and swiftly. While unsettling, every twist and turn is leading you to breakthroughs, both in once unsurmountable obstacles and your ideas about what’s next. For now, focus on exploration. Decisions can, and should, wait. 


July - 2022

You’ve long known certain elements of your life need attention. This involves time, money or what you’re getting for your efforts. So when events trigger a crisis, you’re actually relieved. While you’re prepared for some issues, others aren’t just a surprise, you’re unsure what to say or do. The secret? Seek guidance. While that could involve friends or family, in certain cases, see an expert. Once you get going, you’ll both be fascinated what you’re learning but, also realise how much you’ll benefit from becoming better informed. 

Year to Come


While you’re inquisitive and usually know what’s happening in the world around you and others’ lives before they do, you’ll often ignore even pressing changes in elements of your own life until the last minute. True, initially, it may seem you’re giving into ideas or plans you dread. Still, plunge in. The results will be magic. What you experience, achieve and who you meet won’t just be exciting, they’ll change your life. While some are temporary, others mark the beginning of a timely new cycle.