Mon 27 March - 2023

Of the twelve signs, you’ve the greatest tendency to blame yourself for things that were neither your idea nor your responsibility. This, combined with the tricky situations you’re facing, could lead to serious worries. The solution? Chat with somebody who’ll help you recognise you’ve done nothing wrong, and have nothing to apologise for.


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

Unexpected, if not unsettling, developments are actually breakthroughs, but in disguise. True, accepting that won’t be easy. But, within days, events will convince you to be more flexible. This ensures that, at minimum, you explore what comes your way. Disruptive as events seem, gradually your perspective will shift until, to your surprise, if not shock, you’re embracing what, only recently, you’d have dreaded. 


March - 2023

March is an unruly and, often, unsettling month. Once you understand that, inevitably, powerful planetary activity will be leading to a series of changes, both in plans and, ultimately, in your own priorities, everything else will make sense. Better yet, you’ll soon regard events that are disruptive in the short term as the breakthroughs that they are, you’ll go with the flow. The secret? Learn from every twist and turn. Decisions? Don’t rush them. Put off anything lasting until early April. 

Year to Come


While you thrive a challenge, those you’re facing during 2023 are about questioning existing arrangements and, equally, exploring potential changes as thrilling as, often, they’ll be challenging. This is about breakthroughs, taking chances, going unfamiliar places, learning new skills. But, just as much, it’s about discovering a new closeness with those who matter most. They may need your support or, possibly, it will be the reverse. Reveal, and discuss, your feelings with unexpected openness. Invest time in this. Everybody will benefit, and far more than you imagine possible.