Wed 04 October - 2023

Quite rightly, you pride yourself on thinking things through before you make decisions, which means there’s rarely a need to rethink things or make changes. But not only is that what you’re facing, the more you learn about those changes, the more excited you’ll be. And those changes? Be bold. You won’t regret it.  


Sun 01 October - 2023 To Sat 07 October - 2023

Just when you thought you’d imposed order on certain complex situations, and the people involved, sudden changes force you to rethink things. While irritating, deep down you’re relieved certain of these matters have finally been brought to others’ attention. Out of character as it may be, back off and leave things to certain individuals. They’re far better equipped than you to deal with these. 


October - 2023

Once you understand that you, and the rest of the world, are in a period of frequent and often completely unexpected change, everything else will make sense. While some of what arises is both welcome and easily incorporated into your way of living, certain matters aren’t just disruptive, you’re unsure how to deal with them. Tempting as it is to make things work, instead, back off. Wait and watch. Not only will you find solutions for these, your perspective on other matters will become far clearer, as well. 

Year to Come


While you thrive a challenge, those you’re facing during 2023 are about questioning existing arrangements and, equally, exploring potential changes as thrilling as, often, they’ll be challenging. This is about breakthroughs, taking chances, going unfamiliar places, learning new skills. But, just as much, it’s about discovering a new closeness with those who matter most. They may need your support or, possibly, it will be the reverse. Reveal, and discuss, your feelings with unexpected openness. Invest time in this. Everybody will benefit, and far more than you imagine possible.