Tue 05 July - 2022

Planning ahead may be wise. However, even at your most practical, you’ll struggle to anticipate the influence of next week’s Capricorn Full Moon. Knowing that, for now, regard changes in existing plans and new arrangements as more of an experiment than anything lasting. That will make life a lot easier.


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

It’s no secret you’re facing several pivotal decisions. While certain individuals are in a hurry, you’re unclear about your priorities or lack vital information. Since this confusion remains until the Capricorn Full Moon on Tuesday the 13th, take it slowly. For now, give serious thought to what it’s time to say farewell to anyway. This will clear your diary and focus your mind. 


July - 2022

Usually, you plan ahead, balancing obligations with good fun. However, July’s first half will be unsettling. Once you’re aware the Capricorn Full Moon on 13 July isn’t just a turning point, but will lead to amazingly informative discussions and discoveries and experiences, you’ll be more relaxed about this confusion. In fact, you’ll enjoy both breakthroughs and unexpected developments. Planning ahead? For now, focus on exploration. View this process as more of an experiment than anything meant to last, and you’ll take chances that, otherwise, you’d sidestep. 

Year to Come


Theme: Taking chances   Challenge; You say you’re not sentimental, but letting go of certain arrangements from the past won’t be easy.  Events during the first half of 2022 challenge you to let say farewell to certain familiar arrangement and explore others, some unsettling if not disruptive. Still, plunge in. This period is about discovery, broadening your circle of friends or associates, going unfamiliar places and embracing new passions. True, some could lead to shakeups. If so, be bold. You won’t regret the chances you took. Once you’ve actually begun, you’ll realise the timing couldn’t be better.