Sat 20 April - 2024

A recent review of elements of your everyday lifestyle have called your attention to certain longstanding arrangements with others, from family and friends to, perhaps, the way you work. Whatever the case, the time has come to at least discuss any changes, then proceed with making them as soon as possible.


Sun 14 April - 2024 To Sat 20 April - 2024

As a practical Capricorn, you tend to feel life’s luxuries are earned. Recently, however, events have been going well, so much so you’re uneasy, if not suspicious, about what’s come your way. Still, at least explore these ideas or offers, discussing them with those who’re knowledgeable about their potential. And if you’re still short of facts? Show your interest but avoid committing to anything just yet. Soon enough you’ll be sure what’s what, and so ready and willing to take things further.


April - 2024

Long ago you realised that, intriguing as certain people and activities are, others enrich your life in ways as thrilling as, often, they are unexpected. And, at the moment, this is your challenge. It’s spotting these. This could be tricky, because while they’ll seem simple, within a short time, you’ll realise you’ve lots to learn from the actual situations and, equally, the individuals involved. This will require patience and, often, humility. If so, the results will justify the effort required. 

Year to Come


After a long period of life being predictable, your keyword for 2024 is exploration - in terms of what you’ve been doing, activities you want to learn about and meeting people. Forget about turning ideas or encounters into plans. Instead, focus on discovery. This, then, raises questions about changes you’ve intended to make. Take that first step, knowing each will guide you to what’s next.