Sat 29 January - 2022

Judging by the powerful clash between the Sun and the planet of the unexpected, Uranus, big time surprises are on their way for everybody. While some may be unsettling, as many will lead to breakthroughs as exciting as they are challenging, at least in the short term. For now, focus on exploring your options.


Sun 23 January - 2022 To Sat 29 January - 2022

Having struggled with making worthwhile, and lasting, plans early in the month, you’re in no mood to rethink them. However, once you begin asking questions, you’ll realise your options are wider, and more exciting, than you’d have imagined possible only recently. And there’s more to come. While these changes are unsettling, the more you explore, the more excited you’ll be about what’s next. 


January - 2022

January divides into two distinct parts. The New Moon, on 2 January, is about a vision for the month and, to a certain extent, much of the year. It’s about possibilities. While you’ll begin exploring these immediately, the real turning point is triggered by the Sun’s meeting with Pluto, the planet of truth and transformation, on the 16th. It’s only after that you’ll know enough to make far-reaching decisions or commit to lasting ideas or ventures involving others. It’s one of the year’s most pivotal turning points. 

Year to Come


Theme: Taking chances   Challenge; You say you’re not sentimental, but letting go of certain arrangements from the past won’t be easy.  Events during the first half of 2022 challenge you to let say farewell to certain familiar arrangement and explore others, some unsettling if not disruptive. Still, plunge in. This period is about discovery, broadening your circle of friends or associates, going unfamiliar places and embracing new passions. True, some could lead to shakeups. If so, be bold. You won’t regret the chances you took. Once you’ve actually begun, you’ll realise the timing couldn’t be better.