Wed 17 July - 2024

Long ago, you realised that as fond as you are of certain individuals, and you enjoy their zest for life, they’ve no idea what those who’re struggling need, in terms of anything from practical support to emotional backup. The secret? Become a team. Make joint plans. Together you can achieve wonders.


Sun 14 July - 2024 To Sat 20 July - 2024

Once you understand the unsettling planetary setup this week and next, you’ll stop worrying about making a single, lasting, plan and will adopt a more easygoing approach, This won’t just enable you to sidestep pointless dramas, it will give you a timely opportunity to explore options you were unaware of. Decisions? Make plans but avoid lasting commitments, at least for now. 


July - 2024

The Cancer Full Moon, on 6 July, brings a timely fresh start, both in situations that need to be rethought and, equally, in certain relationships, personal and otherwise. While some changes are timely, and clear cut, others are puzzling. If so, explore them but take things slowly. The resulting insights will ease you into even unfamiliar settings without dramas. Lasting plans? For now, focus on exploration. What you learn will shape your options for the future.

Year to Come


During 2023 you rethought elements of your life, and often made dramatic, although often deeply personal, changes. You’re now benefitting. While often this is clear, other situations remain in flux. Being patient isn’t easy, but each month’s progress reassures you the wisdom of this strategy. A major reorganisation? For now, wait, watch and, when possible, declutter your life.