Mon 28 November - 2022

Over the past weeks you’ve faced a range of tricky issues. Challenging as dealing with them has been, you’ve learnt so much both about the actual matters in question and the people involved that with every passing day, you’re increasingly grateful. And, bizarrely, you’ll also find that, unexpectedly, you’re thrilled with the outcome.


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

Currently, it seems everybody is complaining about something. While you’re trying to do what you can, it isn’t always easy to discern what needs swift action from others’ persistent moaning. However, you’re neglecting certain of your own issues, mostly because you’re unsure what to do. For now, discuss these with those you trust. They’ll need attention, but probably not until the Cancer Full Moon, in early January. 


November - 2022

Certain elements of your life, from close relationships to activities out in the world, are going brilliantly, but despite your best efforts, others remain far less rewarding.  While accepting that won’t be easy, it frees you to focus on more inspiring individuals and activities and, ideally, for now, forget the rest. This enables you to enjoy these, while being alert to possible breakthroughs in those tricky situations between now and early January. The resulting insights will pave the way for a series of breakthroughs. 

Year to Come


Once certain arrangements, personal, professional or even longstanding goals were the centre of your life. Now that’s changing, sometimes because of exciting new options. But, just as often, you recognise you no longer care, so can let go. The resulting freedom changes your life. The secret? Invest time in exploring options, some so new you’re unsure what’s involved. And be patient. Once you’ve learnt to take things as they come, you’ll enjoy every twist and turn of this remarkable year. Focus on what you’re learning and who you’re meeting. Lasting plans? Then can wait until next year.