Sat 29 January - 2022

The time has come to disentangle yourself from a relationship or alliance that is becoming more troublesome by the day. The real problem is you’re in no position to challenge or change the actual situation. But you can quietly yet firmly walk away. Ideally, you’ll do it in a manner that sidesteps explanations.


Sun 23 January - 2022 To Sat 29 January - 2022

While the Cancer Full Moon was on Tuesday the 17th, you’re still reviewing the resulting changes and vital insights. Tempting as it is to turn these into plans, take it slowly. For now, focus on letting go of arrangements and alliances that no longer add to your life. In some cases this will be challenging, in others a relief. Once that’s done, you can focus on the future. 


January - 2022

Every Full Moon brings feelings and changes in circumstances to a peak. Although the Cancer Full Moon isn’t until 17 January, it takes place during a powerful and unsettling cycle. Knowing that, discuss both your plans and feelings frankly. Others won’t always understand or agree, but gradually you’ll find a way to turn the many twists and turns you’re facing into plans that you and others can live with. True, this is about giving up on certain cherished ideas and, often, leaving decisions in others’ hands. The secret? Live one day at a time. 

Year to Come


Once certain arrangements, personal, professional or even longstanding goals were the centre of your life. Now that’s changing, sometimes because of exciting new options. But, just as often, you recognise you no longer care, so can let go. The resulting freedom changes your life. The secret? Invest time in exploring options, some so new you’re unsure what’s involved. And be patient. Once you’ve learnt to take things as they come, you’ll enjoy every twist and turn of this remarkable year. Focus on what you’re learning and who you’re meeting. Lasting plans? Then can wait until next year.