Wed 04 October - 2023

For weeks you’ve been trying to figure out a way to encourage certain individuals who’re struggling, yet avoid calling attention to your efforts. While being discreet it important, your priority is to take action, whether it’s noticed by others or not. Plunge in. Once you begin, each step that follows will become crystal clear.


Sun 01 October - 2023 To Sat 07 October - 2023

Recently even simple developments have been unsettling, yet everything has gone unexpectedly well. It’s the same now, except current changes involve once-settled elements of your way or living or working. While you’re intrigued by what’s on offer, the ideas and events being discussed are so new, exciting or unsettling you’ve no idea what to think. The solution? Explore absolutely everything, but commit to nothing, at least just yet. 


October - 2023

Seeking a simple solution for the range of issues you’re facing? It’s not that easy. While some seem minor and a few are more complex, you’re right to assume that, ultimately, it’ll all be fine. However, one or two will seem impossible until you seek, and accept, expert guidance. This isn’t just about overcoming obstacles, it’s about relying on others and, in some cases, creating a new and powerful bond with them. Anxious about this? All the better. The solution is simple, forget about analysis. Plunge in. 

Year to Come


You’ve a zest for life’s adventures. But, also, you want to organise everything perfectly, then settle down comfortably. However, recently, you’ve been in a cycle that’s about breaking away from reassuring habits, and broadening your horizons. Act swiftly. Some options will vanish as suddenly as they appeared. Similarly, invest time in deepening your relationships with those who matter most. This will pay off amazingly, and often unexpectedly, now and over the coming years. The seeds you plant during 2023 will bear fruit in many ways over the coming years.