Tue 05 July - 2022

Since mid-June, with the ideas planet Mercury in a tricky position, you’ve had to be discreet. Now that Mercury’s moved into Cancer, it’s not only time to discuss those matters frankly, you’re urged to explore your ideas for the future as well. The mood’s improved, and the more open you are, the better.   


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

The shakeups you’re facing are clearing the way for breakthroughs. While it’s clear the form some will take, others are a mystery. In fact, the powerful Full Moon, on the 13th, and its accompanying ideas and offers, is pivotal. In the meanwhile, focus on decluttering your life of unrewarding plans and commitments and, in some cases, burdensome goals, being now and continue over the coming weeks. 


July - 2022

July’s twists and turns are best understood by going back to 29 June, when the Cancer New Moon triggered exciting changes. While some were no surprise, certain sudden ideas or offers were. As July unfolds, explore absolutely everything. This ensures you make the best of this dynamic period of often surprising growth. Yet, it’s also about saying a final farewell to several once-cherished arrangements or alliances. In letting go of these, you’re clearing the way for activities, offers and activities far beyond anything you’ve previously imagined possible.  

Year to Come


Once certain arrangements, personal, professional or even longstanding goals were the centre of your life. Now that’s changing, sometimes because of exciting new options. But, just as often, you recognise you no longer care, so can let go. The resulting freedom changes your life. The secret? Invest time in exploring options, some so new you’re unsure what’s involved. And be patient. Once you’ve learnt to take things as they come, you’ll enjoy every twist and turn of this remarkable year. Focus on what you’re learning and who you’re meeting. Lasting plans? Then can wait until next year.