Mon 27 March - 2023

After a period of unsettling twists and turns, in both circumstances and your mood, suddenly things are far more promising. That’s no surprise. Mars, the planet of courage, has just moved into Cancer. Not only will its presence boost your spirits, you’ll feel confident enough to revisit, and challenge, recent unfair arrangements.  


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

For ages you’ve sensed elements of your life are overdue for changes, if not serious decluttering. The problem? You’re unclear what’s next. However, the move by fiery Mars into Cancer on the 25th, to remain until late May, kickstarts discussions, which are swiftly followed by action. For now, focus on exploration. Yes, this means taking chances. But if ever there were a time to be bold, it’s now. 


March - 2023

True, you’re facing a range of decisions, some pressing and others about far-reaching changes in your way of living and working. The problem? You’re short of facts. Talk things over with others,  those you trust but, also, those who’re well-informed about the matters in question. Then plunge in, making it clear that arrangements are more of an experiment than anything meant to be lasting. Not only will others admire your courage, they’ll applaud your clever approach to what could be very tricky situations. 

Year to Come


You’ve a zest for life’s adventures. But, also, you want to organise everything perfectly, then settle down comfortably. However, recently, you’ve been in a cycle that’s about breaking away from reassuring habits, and broadening your horizons. Act swiftly. Some options will vanish as suddenly as they appeared. Similarly, invest time in deepening your relationships with those who matter most. This will pay off amazingly, and often unexpectedly, now and over the coming years. The seeds you plant during 2023 will bear fruit in many ways over the coming years.