Wed 20 October - 2021

Understandably, you’re tempted to say a firm, if not brusque, no to the ideas or suggestions of certain pushy individuals. The problem? What they’re suggesting isn’t just good, some of their ideas could turn out to be brilliant. It’s their manner that irritating. The solution? When saying that ‘no’, being clear and direct.  


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

Being a Cancerian, you usually sense the heightened feelings and, equally, the energy that comes with the Full Moon, which is on Wednesday. However, judging by the disarray triggered by the current powerful, and often exciting, planetary activity, each day will bring its own twists and turns. The secret? Be inspired by the planets, and live one day at a time. Planning can, and should, wait. 


October - 2021

While you can’t avoid the confusion triggered by the ideas planet Mercury being retrograde, until the 18th, and the emotionally intense Full Moon, on the 20th, you can focus on what those unexpected twists are teaching you. Each is introducing unfamiliar options or changes, some minor, others more far-reaching. The challenge? Their potential won’t be immediately clear. The solution? Remind yourself how much you’ve benefitted from similar surprising twists in the past. That enables you not only to learn from those surprise developments, you’ll actually enjoy them.

Year to Come


Cancer June 21 – July 21

True, 2020 was all about breakthroughs, some planned, others unexpected. Consequently, you’ll be relieved to learn 2021 will be far less complicated – at least for you. With the planetary heavyweights, Saturn and Jupiter, moving to accent joint efforts, you’ll benefit from recent changes, some unexpected, and discussions, many still unsettled. Be patient. While it may take until midyear for things to fall into place, the outcome of even tricky shifts in elements or your way of living, working or close alliances will come together, wonderfully and in ways you’d never have imagined possible. The challenge? Playing it cool while destiny takes over. Equally, acknowledge certain longstanding alliances or activities must end, to clear the way for amazing developments. Knowing that, look after yourself, physically - but also declutter your life of pointless plans, possessions and even passions.