Tue 05 July - 2022

You enjoy few things more than a challenge, especially of it brings lasting benefits. Now that your ruler Mars is accenting practical matters, that’s exactly what you’ll be facing. The trick? Deal with each as it arises, and in depth. Only once you’ve understood this fully should you move on to what’s next.


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

As an Aries, you hate compromise of any variety. Yet judging by the week’s planetary setup, that’s what you’ll need to do, and in several situations. The irony is, once you’re actually learning about these, and acknowledge their potential, you’ll realise they could turn out better than your original plans or ideas. If you can’t let them go, at least explore your options. You won’t regret it. 


July - 2022

Although you’ve sidestepped a range of tedious tasks, as July begins you’ll tackle these with sudden, and timely, enthusiasm. The problem? Sticking with them until every detail has been dealt with. The surprise? Once you’ve got going, you’ll be unexpectedly enthusiastic, even about dull details. This is good timing. These aren’t just important, what you learn will prepare you for the pivotal decisions regarding the structure of your life and close alliances you’ll be making as July ends and you move into the rest of the year. 

Year to Come


You’re restless but confident you know what, or who, will bring you fulfilment. However, as you’ll discover, 2022 is about exploration. Once you understand that, you’ll be less stubborn about seemingly unwelcome changes and, equally, enjoy every twist and turn. The Aries New Moon on 1 April transforms your perspective and priorities. While often this adds to existing arrangements, you’ll soon recognise some must end. Let them go. The less clutter is distracting you, the easier it will be to enjoy love and life’s pleasures as they grow.