Mon 28 November - 2022

Being a quick-thinking and fast moving Aries, you’ve a talent for dealing with sudden developments and, equally, turning unexpected setbacks into something exciting. However, with things moving so swiftly and your own plans unclear, you’re urged to take it slowly. This isn’t just wise, it will prevent you making commitments you’ll later regret.


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

As a quick-thinking Aries, you often regard planning ahead as a waste of time. While often this is true, at the moment you’re urged to think carefully about what you’re doing now and where those activities and especially, the people involved, are taking you. The secret? Ensure arrangements and your thinking are flexible, enough for the frequent and, often, unexpected changes you’ll be making.  


November - 2022

As November begins, you’ll still be wresting with a range of setbacks, some longstanding, others as sudden as they’ve been puzzling. Usually, you’d tackle and deal with such matters swiftly, but these are unexpectedly complex. They’ve been triggered by your ruler Mars’s retrograde cycle, and are about undoing restrictive arrangements and setting new goals. The challenge? Slowing your pace. Soon, however, you begin digging deeply, and instead of seeking a quick fix, you won’t just discover how to eliminate the problem, but benefit from life-changing insights. 

Year to Come


You’re restless but confident you know what, or who, will bring you fulfilment. However, as you’ll discover, 2022 is about exploration. Once you understand that, you’ll be less stubborn about seemingly unwelcome changes and, equally, enjoy every twist and turn. The Aries New Moon on 1 April transforms your perspective and priorities. While often this adds to existing arrangements, you’ll soon recognise some must end. Let them go. The less clutter is distracting you, the easier it will be to enjoy love and life’s pleasures as they grow.