Wed 20 October - 2021

You’re not only good at dealing with even very challenging situations swiftly and wisely, you’ll frequently support others, and without mentioning it. While they’re sometimes aware of this, just as often, they’re not. Discuss this with the individuals in question soon. Once you do, you’ll realise how important it is.


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

The good news is, you’ll finally be able to tackle a range of tricky if not worrying situations. However, with the actual circumstances you’re dealing with changing virtually every day, it’s vital you regard arrangements as more of an experiment than anything lasting. True, this will slow your pace. But it will also enable you to rethink plans, possibly more than once, and often make thrilling improvements. 


October - 2021

In the past, you’ve sometimes hoped for advice or support from family, friends or colleagues. However, both their slow pace and, often, indecisiveness, irritated you. Discuss this frankly. Even more, with your ruler Mars accenting links of this nature, from mid-September until 30 October, the theme is teamwork. What you learn, about the circumstances you’re dealing with, others and, importantly, yourself will make this a memorable, if not life-changing, month. The secret? Despite your doubts, experiment with exploring the process of making decisions jointly.

Year to Come


While 2020 was informative, it was also challenging, especially with your ruling planet Mars in Aries, from 28 June until 6 January, 2021. The challenge? Spotting and acknowledging which activities and alliances no longer serve or suit you, and exploring necessary changes. While, mostly, this is a relief, often letting go will be challenging, especially if you’re unsure what’s next. The solution? Making the best of your inquisitive streak, even if it means venturing into unfamiliar territory, personally, in terms of your work, relationships or even passions. Tempting as it is to make changes swiftly, then settle in, devote at least the year’s first half to exploring your options. One thing will lead to another, often in ways as thrilling as they are unexpected. Final plans? They can, and should, wait until later in the year.