Wed 17 July - 2024

As an energetic fire sign, if life becomes too predictable, you’ll often stir things up. This isn’t about causing others problems but, instead, keeping life interesting for you and others. Be aware, however, that not everybody enjoys shakeups as much as you do. Some, in fact, could be very annoyed. DR others


Sun 14 July - 2024 To Sat 20 July - 2024

Usually your knack for thinking and moving swiftly is an asset. However, with so much in transition, you’ll soon discover you’re better off doing things once, but more slowly. This enables you to double-check facts and you proceed. But, better yet, what you learn about the actual circumstances and the people involved will more than justify the frustrating delays you’re facing. 


July - 2024

For ages you’ve intended to rethink the practical side of life, from how you spend time with to how wisely you use your resources. But now, with the Sun and your ruler Mars both accenting such matters, those decisions are pressing. While some are clear cut, as many will require serious thought if, not the advice of those who’re better informed than you. Make seeking their wisdom a priority. After that, the rest of those decisions will be easier to make.

Year to Come


As a restless fire sign, you thrive on action. However, 2024 introduces new, and exciting, encounters. Some broaden your horizons via activities, others, the people you meet. The challenge? You won’t always recognise how you’ll benefit from those activities, studies or even time spent with certain individuals. It’s about plunging in, and allowing experience to guide you. What’s least expected could turn out to be best.