Sat 29 January - 2022

When certain exciting new activities and, possibly, alliances came your way, you were thrilled, and plunged in with enthusiasm. Only now are you beginning to realise that getting involved with these would meaning rethinking, if not letting go of, of others. While this may slow your pace temporary, you’ll be glad you did.


Sun 23 January - 2022 To Sat 29 January - 2022

For ages you’ve managed to sidestep certain matters that are crucial but dull. However, once your ruler Mars moves into the part of your chart that accents these and other pivotal practicalities, on Monday, there’ll be no escaping them. The secret? Tackle each, head on. Once you’re more involved in both discussions and certain well-informed individuals, you’ll realise how interesting, if not exciting, these could be. 


January - 2022

As an Aries and a fire sign, patience doesn’t come naturally to you. So although you’re eager to turn exciting ideas into profitable plans, and those into action, first you must focus on decluttering your life, and especially, learning from what didn’t work. Tempting as it is to ignore this, the resulting insights won’t just be informative. When fortunate Jupiter moves into Aries, in May, you’ll be free to move swiftly and clearer about your ideas and objectives than for ages. Those pivotal commitments? They can, and should, wait. 

Year to Come


You’re restless but confident you know what, or who, will bring you fulfilment. However, as you’ll discover, 2022 is about exploration. Once you understand that, you’ll be less stubborn about seemingly unwelcome changes and, equally, enjoy every twist and turn. The Aries New Moon on 1 April transforms your perspective and priorities. While often this adds to existing arrangements, you’ll soon recognise some must end. Let them go. The less clutter is distracting you, the easier it will be to enjoy love and life’s pleasures as they grow.