Sat 20 April - 2024

The last thing you’re in the mood to do is disentangle yourself from an already complex arrangement. But that’s the point. When you first got involved with this, arrangements were simple. Since then, almost daily changes have led to a nightmare of unclear details. Back off, and leave these for others to deal with.


Sun 14 April - 2024 To Sat 20 April - 2024

After weeks of thinking and acting swiftly, the pace has slowed, something you’re finding a source of increasing frustration. However, you now have time to review your own hasty decisions and, where necessary, rethink your options, some you previously ignored. Also, you can catch up with others and review, in detail, how they handled recent events, some of which reshaped their lives. At minimum, you’ll learn a lot. But you may discover certain arrangements or future plans could become a joint effort.


April - 2024

When your ruler Mars moved into the most intuitive portion of your chart last month, on 22 March, you began a cycle that blends imagination with the need to think and act swiftly, especially during April. The trick? Forget about getting things right but, instead, ensure that both plans and your thinking are flexible enough you can reorganise arrangements within minutes, yet are able to examine vital details. At the same time, you’re urged to focus on exploration. What you encounter and who you meet could be life-changing.  

Year to Come


As a restless fire sign, you thrive on action. However, 2024 introduces new, and exciting, encounters. Some broaden your horizons via activities, others, the people you meet. The challenge? You won’t always recognise how you’ll benefit from those activities, studies or even time spent with certain individuals. It’s about plunging in, and allowing experience to guide you. What’s least expected could turn out to be best.