Sat 29 January - 2022

Being a rational air sign, before you make a decision, you carefully think through even very emotional matters. Now that you’re in the run up to the Aquarius New Moon, and the accompanying fresh perspective, things are bound to look different. For now, reflect on these. Any changes can, and should, wait.


Sun 23 January - 2022 To Sat 29 January - 2022

Not only are you eager to get future plans organised, others are eager to know what you have in mind. Yet you feel unsettled, as if there’s more to come. You’re right. Those ideas, insights and breakthroughs will be triggered by the Aquarius New Moon on Tuesday, 1 February. While you may not be feeing patient, it’s worth waiting for what’s coming your way then.  


January - 2022

You’ve a gift for spotting the direction a trend is going before others even recognise its significance. However, for you, January’s about undoing elements of the past, some no longer of significance, others that once held great promise. However, each focuses more on the past that your vision of the future. That will come together, but probably not until the Sun moves in your sign on 20 January and, even more, when the Aquarius New Moon, on 1 February, introduces timely breakthroughs. The secret? Patience.  


Year to Come


Over the past year or so, with both expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn in Aquarius, destiny has taken you in all sorts of directions. While you’re already grateful for some experiences, others led to struggle, and you’re eager to put these behind you. That will happen, but only after one more round of sudden changes, during January and February. Unsettling as these seem, go along with them. By midyear, you’ll wonder why you paused for even a moment. Encounters and experiences will change your life, and in wonderful ways.