Thu 15 April - 2021

By and large, when organising plans, you’ll ask all the questions you need to and gather all the necessary facts beforehand. And, usually, that works. However, with the foundation on which many of those plans are based shifting, some frequently, the more flexible your thinking and ideas about arrangements, the better.


Sun 11 April - 2021 To Sat 17 April - 2021

Usually you’re the first to spot and embrace ideas or offers as exotic as they are intriguing. However, these would mean giving up far more control than you think is wise. Still, the planets aren’t just accenting their promise, the message is it’s about timely breakthroughs. And, worse, these will vanish as swiftly as they appeared. Plunge in. You’ll soon realise how wise it was. 


April - 2021

It would be easy to convince yourself that the battles triggered by the Full Moon on 29 March will lead to lasting arrangements. True, what you discuss, the problems you define and the understanding you gain about both others’ priorities and ideas about the future will last. However, the powerful shift in the planetary focus, from 19 April, onward, indicates both circumstances and, as a result, your plans must change. Annoying as the resulting chaos is, the options coming your way will soon thrill you. 

Year to Come


Despite your restless, inquisitive mind, you’re also a creature of habit. So when the changes kick-started by the arrival by expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn, into Aquarius, began in late 2020, you may not have welcomed or even understood what was taking place. There’s no rush. You’re benefitting from their influence this year and next, often in ways as puzzling as they are unexpected. The trick? Say no to nothing, including what’s unappealing or makes little sense. With the world around you changing, and your own priorities shifting, life’s about discovery. Decisions? Instead make plans, but regard them as tentative and ensure everybody understands that. This gives you the freedom to benefit from changes in the world around you but, even more, to fine tune your understanding of the exciting options coming your way.