Tue 05 July - 2022

Most Aquarians don’t just connect strongly with certain individuals. They become like family. Important as these are, ensure that your actual family understands the nature of these often powerful connections, especially those who tend to be anxious, and do it often. Do that regularly. It will ensure you avoid tiresome dramas.


Sun 03 July - 2022 To Sat 09 July - 2022

Few things annoy you more than being forced to commit to changes or make decisions while you’re short of facts or unsure of your own priorities. Yet this is what you’re facing, and in a range of situations. The secret? Regard these as an experiment, and instead of worrying about getting things right, you’ll enjoy the process of discovery this period is all about. 


July - 2022

You’ve long known that, often, obstacles are an opportunity to learn, if not broaden your horizons. However, in the past others haven’t always spotted that potential, and they may not now. But you will, which means your challenge is proceeding with your own exciting plans or exploring new options, even if you’re alone. This takes courage. But soon others will spot, and respond to, your initiative and enthusiasm. Remember this when yet more twists and turns arise and, you’ll make the best of them, often with others’ company. 

Year to Come


Over the past year or so, with both expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn in Aquarius, destiny has taken you in all sorts of directions. While you’re already grateful for some experiences, others led to struggle, and you’re eager to put these behind you. That will happen, but only after one more round of sudden changes, during January and February. Unsettling as these seem, go along with them. By midyear, you’ll wonder why you paused for even a moment. Encounters and experiences will change your life, and in wonderful ways.