Mon 28 November - 2022

You don’t think of yourself as being rebellious, until circumstances such as those you’re currently facing arise. The contrast between the narrow-minded thinking of certain individuals and your own drives you crazy. The solution? Discuss your ideas. Once you’re actually talking things over, the odds are good they’re realise how unimaginative they’re being.


Sun 27 November - 2022 To Sat 03 December - 2022

Balancing your current rich range of activities, personal and involving others, has become unexpectedly complex. But it is. That’s because many of these arrangements demand you review and rethink your everyday routine and, on occasion, your priorities. The tricky part is recognising that even seemingly simple changes will, in turn, lead to others, some unexpected. The more flexible your thinking and plans, the better. 


November - 2022

For ages you’ve known changes weren’t just likely, they’d be timely. However, you’ve been unclear how and when things would happen. These began to take form over the past few months. However, during November they’ll come together, often in ways as unexpected as they are exciting. The problem? It’s unclear what’s next. Plunging in while short of facts may seem unwise, but not only will you learn more, what you experience and the people you meet will become more exciting as the days, and months, unfold. 

Year to Come


Over the past year or so, with both expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn in Aquarius, destiny has taken you in all sorts of directions. While you’re already grateful for some experiences, others led to struggle, and you’re eager to put these behind you. That will happen, but only after one more round of sudden changes, during January and February. Unsettling as these seem, go along with them. By midyear, you’ll wonder why you paused for even a moment. Encounters and experiences will change your life, and in wonderful ways.