Sat 20 April - 2024

As a Pisces, you’re able to spot the potential in seemingly far out ideas. What’s more, you refuse to give up on others, even those who seem to cause their own problems. For now, resist the temptation to give them a hand. They need to deal with the issues they’re facing on their own.


Sun 14 April - 2024 To Sat 20 April - 2024

Being a clever air sign, you’ve probably already realised that the plans others, from family or friends to colleagues, are so excited about are unlikely to work out as they hope. Yet, understandably, you’re hesitant about pointing out those issues, and concerned about the anxiety that would cause. The solution? Get involved, but from the sidelines. That will enable you to guide them in the right direction, yet encourage them to be confident about their current activities and future plans.


April - 2024

You’re not only sociable by nature, you’ve a talent for either being acquainted with exactly the right person or settings that will lead you to who or what is next. The challenge? You won’t always recognise the promise in these, and so could ignore what’s in your best interests. The solution? Explore absolutely everything, from chance encounters to bizarre offers. While some will pass as swiftly as they arose, others – and, often what’s least expected - will become a lasting, and powerful, part of your life. 

Year to Come


Few things excite you more than hearing about exciting changes or new ideas. However, during 2024, you’ll be making them part of your life, often swiftly. Forget about negotiation. Instead, plunge in, knowing you can back out if it seems wise. Still, you’ll soon exchange those doubts for enthusiasm, even regarding dramatic shake-ups