Mon 27 March - 2023

For ages you’ve been aware that, sooner or later, you’d have to rethink if not substantially alter certain familiar elements of your life. While, on one hand, you’re excited by the idea, you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of the practicalities involved. The secret? Plunge in. Things will fall into place swiftly.


Sun 26 March - 2023 To Sat 01 April - 2023

While most Aquarians are sociable, and thrive on relationships with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, allowing others to influence your life is another matter. Yet that’s what’s happening, and in a series of situations, some as unexpected as they are puzzling. For now, explore everything. Decisions? Say a tentative yes. Unwise as this seems in the short term, you’ll soon be glad you did. 


March - 2023

As a clever air sign, you don’t just enjoy discussing various options, during March, you’ll thrive on the exchange of ideas triggered by its many twists and turns. However, these are also forcing you to explore potential changes that, in the past, you’ve refused even to consider. However, with Pluto, the planet of transformation, moving into Aquarius on the 23rd, life itself will offer you ideas, offers or options that, previously, simply wouldn’t have been possible. Explore everything. That, alone, will transform your perspective. 

Year to Come


Recently, you’ve broadened your horizons, and in many areas of your life. You’ve reviewed and, often, changed even longstanding arrangements, and probably explored intriguing options. This is as much about the people you spend time with as what you do. What’s most important, however, are the events that draw you into unexpected, if not entirely unfamiliar, territory. You may have rejected this in the past or simply never thought of it. Now you will be, and what, and who, you discover promise to add magic to your life.