Tue 19 October - 2021

You’re benefitting from the presence of the planet of growth, expansion and good fortune, Jupiter, in Aquarius until the end of the year. While the promise of some developments will be immediately clear, others won’t be. The secret? Explore absolutely everything. What’s least expected could turn out best in the long run.


Sun 17 October - 2021 To Sat 23 October - 2021

True, you’re amazing at spotting worthwhile ideas and, equally, will embrace new ways of living, working or looking after yourself long before others even think of it. Yet you also have a stubborn streak. That’s what you’re facing now, and in a range of situations, minor and more far-reaching. The secret? Forget your usual excuses for sidestepping these changes and, instead, plunge in. You won’t regret it. 


October - 2021

Usually you’ve a talent for gathering information and turning that into plans. However, during October, things are unlikely to come together and, if they do, they won’t last. That may sound worrying, but with the actual foundation on which plans are based shifting, you’re better off focusing on your options, including those that seem unrealistic. They may be now. However, combine constantly shifting circumstances during October with November’s amazing ideas, changes and offers, you’ll soon be glad you took your time. What’s best is yet to come.

Year to Come


Despite your restless, inquisitive mind, you’re also a creature of habit. So when the changes kick-started by the arrival by expansive Jupiter and practical Saturn, into Aquarius, began in late 2020, you may not have welcomed or even understood what was taking place. There’s no rush. You’re benefitting from their influence this year and next, often in ways as puzzling as they are unexpected. The trick? Say no to nothing, including what’s unappealing or makes little sense. With the world around you changing, and your own priorities shifting, life’s about discovery. Decisions? Instead make plans, but regard them as tentative and ensure everybody understands that. This gives you the freedom to benefit from changes in the world around you but, even more, to fine tune your understanding of the exciting options coming your way.