Birthday Stars

While the New Moon influences everybody, and brings a fresh perspective on life itself, the fact it takes place on your birthday and is in Aries marks this as a turning point. You may already be considering saying farewell to certain elements of your life. Or, perhaps, breaking away from predictable activities or alliances. The trick is to maintain the foundations of your existing life while considering exactly which change you’ll be making.

Tue 28 March - 2017



Tue 28 March - 2017


Observing others struggle with the fallout from recent, unwise decisions isn’t easy. However, they weren’t forced into these arrangements but, rather, initiated them. That being the case, resist the temptation to give them advice. They may well have information that you don’t. If they want suggestions, they’ll ask. For now, wait and watch.


Having worked out the details of plans with great care, sudden events mean changing everything, often overnight. Obviously, this is annoying. However, you soon realise what’s going is being replaced by something far better and, often, which you’d never have thought of yourself. So go with the flow. And explore. In time the future will be clear but, for now, life’s about discovery.


Having been born under possibly the most thorough zodiac sign, you enjoy imposing order on every element of your life. But often March’s surprise twists and, equally, sudden personal changes will defy even your best efforts to plan. Add the emotionally intense Virgo Full Moon, on the 12th, and you’ll base your review of your life, goals and feelings for others on your feelings, not hard facts. While unsettling, this informative period will shape your decisions now, and during all of 2017.

Year to come

Virgo August 22 – September 21
The first half of 2017 is about decluttering both your thinking and your life. This is needed. But as time moves on and you eliminate everything from burdensome relationships to unworkable arrangements, professional or otherwise, yet there’s little new to replace these, and you could worry. Being patient isn’t easy. But the boost to both your spirits and your life triggered by Mars’ presence in Virgo from 5 September to 22 October makes up for it all. This is about exploration and action, not finalising anything. So consider what long terms plans might look like but take your time making lasting arrangements.
Love and Relationships
The part of you that thrives on routine may struggle during this exciting if unpredictable year. Still, you’ll soon discover that discussing changes, and talking over potential plans with others isn’t just informative, it draws you closer.
Finances and Work
Because eclipses in February and August influence your daily routine and working life, sudden events could throw things into disarray. While unsettling, you swiftly spot this as the chance you’ve been waiting for to make dramatic, but badly needed, changes.
Health and Well Being
As a Virgo, you have an instinct for what your body needs and doesn’t, so eat wisely. Your stress levels are another matter entirely. You say you’ll calm down when life does. Instead, adopt a practice, even one as simple as a daily walk, to achieve that serenity amid this year’s excitement.