Birthday Stars

With Venus powerfully placed in your birthday chart, money, close relationships and charm, and changes involving these, will be on your mind. The trick is to take things slowly, despite pressure from others or even certain organisations to finalise plans. The point is, the more questions you ask, the less sure you’ll be about the facts. Worrying as that may seem initially, you’ll soon realise what wonderful ideas or offers this is leading to, and will delightedly explore them all.

Fri 23 June - 2017



Fri 23 June - 2017


While you’d be justified in blaming others for certain of the complications you’re facing, their intentions were good. And, bizarrely, what you learn in the process of dealing with those issues will prove so helpful that, ultimately, you’ll want to thank the individuals in question for having prompted your investigations.


You often complain that it’s simply assumed you’ll take responsibility for organising plans or even making crucial decisions. But the fact is, you’re usually better informed and less influenced by the emotions that shape others’ views. Yet by midweek, events force everybody to get involved. While tricky initially, you’ll soon found a way to deal with these matters together and, better yet, to enjoy it.


There’s been talk of alterations in your domestic and working life, and your priorities for months. While you’ve made a few changes, you’ve been unsure about others. The fresh perspective that comes with late May’s New Moon boosts your confidence, so as ideas and offers appear during June, you’re eager to explore them and will adopt many. The trick is to get involved but, with the foundation of arrangements still shifting, sometimes several times, put off finalising arrangements until you know more.

Year to come

Virgo August 22 – September 21
The first half of 2017 is about decluttering both your thinking and your life. This is needed. But as time moves on and you eliminate everything from burdensome relationships to unworkable arrangements, professional or otherwise, yet there’s little new to replace these, and you could worry. Being patient isn’t easy. But the boost to both your spirits and your life triggered by Mars’ presence in Virgo from 5 September to 22 October makes up for it all. This is about exploration and action, not finalising anything. So consider what long terms plans might look like but take your time making lasting arrangements.
Love and Relationships
The part of you that thrives on routine may struggle during this exciting if unpredictable year. Still, you’ll soon discover that discussing changes, and talking over potential plans with others isn’t just informative, it draws you closer.
Finances and Work
Because eclipses in February and August influence your daily routine and working life, sudden events could throw things into disarray. While unsettling, you swiftly spot this as the chance you’ve been waiting for to make dramatic, but badly needed, changes.
Health and Well Being
As a Virgo, you have an instinct for what your body needs and doesn’t, so eat wisely. Your stress levels are another matter entirely. You say you’ll calm down when life does. Instead, adopt a practice, even one as simple as a daily walk, to achieve that serenity amid this year’s excitement.