Birthday Stars

With Venus powerfully placed in your birthday chart, money, close relationships and charm, and changes involving these, will be on your mind. The trick is to take things slowly, despite pressure from others or even certain organisations to finalise plans. The point is, the more questions you ask, the less sure you’ll be about the facts. Worrying as that may seem initially, you’ll soon realise what wonderful ideas or offers this is leading to, and will delightedly explore them all.

Fri 23 June - 2017



Fri 23 June - 2017


Initially it may seem the gulf between your views and those of others on one particular matter couldn’t possibly be reconciled. While your concerns are understandable, bide your time. Within days events will force everybody to discuss these issues, and with an eye to finding some form of common ground.


In early June you began a powerful cycle of questioning, review and, as a result of what you’ve learnt, change. While most plans have proceeded smoothly, a few have raised questions about your objectives. Similarly, practical issues or what you’ve learnt about certain individuals are slowing progress. This gives you a timely opportunity to rethink ideas that previously you’d regarded as uninteresting, if not unrealistic.


As far back as late April, a combination of events and pivotal conversations made it clear changes in several longstanding arrangements were inevitable. While, initially, you battled these, a combination of discussions and your own experiences revealed these weren’t just wise, they’d be hugely beneficial. Still, you’re concerned about disruption or the costs. Raise these concerns openly and you’ll receive clear and, often, surprisingly creative answers. Better yet, these will relieve tensions with others, allowing you to rebuild important relationships, personal or professional.

Year to come

Taurus April 19 – May 19
In late 2016 you began a cycle that’s about both looking at life and approaching your work or everyday life differently, often in ways you’d never conceived possible. As 2017 begins, you apply what you’ve learnt, making changes and exploring offers that, only recently, you’d never have considered. This inquisitive mood continues until mid-year, by which time you’ve encountered intriguing ideas and met fascinating people. By then you’ll also have realised this isn’t about making a single lasting plan or arrangement but, rather, about allowing these, and your life, to grow, prosper and change. You’re soon embracing ideas you’d once have regarded as, quite simply, ‘not you’.
Love and Relationships
Sometimes difficulties are actually an invitation to talk, explore issues and learn about yourself and others in the process. That’s exactly what you’ll experience, especially between March and May. The more open you are, the closer you’ll be with those who matter most.
Finances and Work
Tempting as it is to hold back from committing to changes you’re unsure about or new arrangements, during this unsettled year you’d wait a long time. Instead get involved, but in a way that gives you flexibility. Then let experience be both your guide and teacher.
Health and Well Being
This year’s demanding but exciting activities could mean you forget to look after yourself, especially on the fitness front. Don’t wait until you’re feeling creaky to do something about it. Bear in mind, however, salsa dancing can be as good for you as a workout at the gym.