Birthday Stars

While the New Moon influences everybody, and brings a fresh perspective on life itself, the fact it takes place on your birthday and is in Aries marks this as a turning point. You may already be considering saying farewell to certain elements of your life. Or, perhaps, breaking away from predictable activities or alliances. The trick is to maintain the foundations of your existing life while considering exactly which change you’ll be making.

Tue 28 March - 2017



Tue 28 March - 2017


Just when you thought certain tricky arrangements were settled, sudden developments have thrown things into chaos. While, obviously, this is annoying, the more you learn about the actual circumstances in question, the more relieved you are you’re being forced to reconsider, if not conduct a top to bottom rethink of those plans.


Ordinarily, you’ve a knack for spotting potentially troublesome situations and, similarly, individuals who’re best avoided. But now, bizarrely, those you’d assumed would be a nightmare aren’t just wonderful, you’re discovering they’re completely different from anything you’d conceived possible. Remember this when you’re about to refuse certain seemingly worrying ideas, offers or invitations. Once you learn more, you’ll realise that they, too, are exactly what’s needed.


Since late last year you’ve been wrestling with abrupt or unsettling changes. Yet as they’ve settled in, you’ve realised many were timely and, now, you’re recognising some as genuine breakthroughs. Think of this when yet more unexpected events mean rethinking seemingly stable areas of your life. The real challenge is, while you’d usually research, plan and organise such matters beforehand, either things are moving swiftly or others are making decisions for you. Worrying as that seems, the results will be brilliant.

Year to come

Scorpio October 23 – November 21
Diverse as the situations you face during 2017 seem, they’re all about eliminating potentially restrictive habits, attitudes or ways of thinking. So the events triggered by eclipses in February and August may seem disruptive but, actually, they’re encouraging you to broaden your horizons. It’s the same with tensions in usually harmonious relationships, personal or professional. This is preparing you for Jupiter’s move into Scorpio, on 10 October, for a year’s stay. This period is about sheer good fortune, but often the variety that results from broadening your horizons. And this requires being inquisitive. Develop the habit as 2017 begins, and you’ll be ahead of the game.
Love and Relationships
Although your instincts say the unsettled events you’re experiencing are hugely promising, you long for reassurance. However, because this unsettled year also influences others, they’ll need you, too. The solution? Create a mutual support system. It will be surprisingly easy and work brilliantly.
Finances and Work
Inevitably, cycles of growth, even if it’s welcome, are costly, and not just in terms of money. Time, energy and even relationships can suffer. Acknowledge that to yourself and, where appropriate, explain it to others and, amazingly, all will be well.
Health and Well Being
During periods of change, you tend to hold your breath, both literally and metaphorically, until things are settled. But this goes on all year, which means it’s time to take up some form of relaxing exercise and, possibly, a practice that will calm your mind as well.