Birthday Stars

It’s easy to say that being forthright is vital. But for you, as somebody born under the rulership of the gracious and tactful Venus, that variety of approach isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s worrying. Yet as you begin to adopt this uncharacteristically frank way of expressing your views, you’ll find that not only do others understand your ideas better, your own mind is clearer. Blend this with your usually charming nature. You’ll be amazed how well it works.

Sat 29 April - 2017



Sat 29 April - 2017


Teamwork isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential. True, this could mean having to discuss the ideas of others, many of which make little sense to you. Or so you think. The more you talk, the more you’ll learn, until you realise just how well informed and creative certain individuals are.


For ages you’ve been talking about intriguing ideas and potential changes in joint arrangements in your personal or working life, or both. However, between your strong ideas about what’s best and the equally forceful views of others, you’ve struggled to achieve an accord. Not only will Wednesday’s New Moon trigger worthwhile compromises, the changes it ushers in could pave the way to a lasting agreement.


As a cautious, thorough Scorpio, you avoid making decisions when short of facts or events require a compromise. Yet after an unsettling period, things need to be organised. So do something out of character and make tentative decisions. These matters dealt with, you’re then free to explore certain new ideas or alliances, personal, romantic or business, that climax with the Scorpio Full Moon in early May. Be bold. What initially seems least appealing could bring completely unexpected joy, success or both.

Year to come

Scorpio October 23 – November 21
Diverse as the situations you face during 2017 seem, they’re all about eliminating potentially restrictive habits, attitudes or ways of thinking. So the events triggered by eclipses in February and August may seem disruptive but, actually, they’re encouraging you to broaden your horizons. It’s the same with tensions in usually harmonious relationships, personal or professional. This is preparing you for Jupiter’s move into Scorpio, on 10 October, for a year’s stay. This period is about sheer good fortune, but often the variety that results from broadening your horizons. And this requires being inquisitive. Develop the habit as 2017 begins, and you’ll be ahead of the game.
Love and Relationships
Although your instincts say the unsettled events you’re experiencing are hugely promising, you long for reassurance. However, because this unsettled year also influences others, they’ll need you, too. The solution? Create a mutual support system. It will be surprisingly easy and work brilliantly.
Finances and Work
Inevitably, cycles of growth, even if it’s welcome, are costly, and not just in terms of money. Time, energy and even relationships can suffer. Acknowledge that to yourself and, where appropriate, explain it to others and, amazingly, all will be well.
Health and Well Being
During periods of change, you tend to hold your breath, both literally and metaphorically, until things are settled. But this goes on all year, which means it’s time to take up some form of relaxing exercise and, possibly, a practice that will calm your mind as well.