Birthday Stars

The last thing that interests you is conducting an extensive edit of elements of your life, at home, out in the world, at work or in close alliances. Yet with the thorough and practical Saturn dominating the crucial midheaven angle of your birthday chart, you’ve no choice. Much as you dread this, once you begin, you’ll not only enjoy the process, you’ll realise you’re finally in a position to rid yourself of certain increasingly burdensome activities and arrangements.

Fri 24 February - 2017



Fri 24 February - 2017


For ages you’ve been thinking about making major changes in elements of your life that work well but have become predicable, if not just plain boring. While the ideas or offers currently coming your way will be intriguing, they could seem overwhelming. Still, explore them. You’ll be glad you did.


Not only will you have no objection to the changes that arise both before and after the eclipse, on the 26th, you’ll be hugely relieved that you’re able to rethink certain increasingly dull arrangements. But others won’t feel that way, which means you must both downplay your enthusiasm and, when it comes to alterations, take it slowly. Excited as you’re feeling, there’s no real hurry.


No sign is better at dealing with the unexpected than you, which means you’ll soon spot the potential held in the unexpected events triggered by eclipses on the 11th and 26th. But others won’t, which means you may need to discourage certain individuals from battling these timely changes. From your perspective, it’s about exploring arrangements that, initially at last, seem dull or restrictive. Initially, they might be. But soon you’ll be delighted with what you discover or who you meet.

Year to come

Sagittarius November 22 – December 20
As you well know, your spontaneity, which is one of your greatest strengths, can sometimes be a weakness. This is one of the things you’ve learnt over the past year or so, while practical Saturn has been in Sagittarius. That, plus an emphasis on working closely with others, from family and friends to colleagues and even neighbours, has already shifted your perspective. So when you’re faced with sudden and often very tricky situations, especially those in March, August and September, you’ll pause, gather information and possibly seek guidance. What you learn so broadens your horizons, you’re actually thankful you’ve learnt to take life at a slower pace.
Love and Relationships
This period isn’t just about moving at a slower pace, it’s about getting to know others deeply yet gradually, even those who’ve been part of your life for ages. The time you take to talk, to reflect and understand their world, changes yours. And creates a closeness and warmth you didn’t realise was possible.
Finances and Work
You’ve already learnt to draw the line at pleasures and excesses that, only recently, you wouldn’t have thought about. This involves money, but also time and even your ideas. Better yet, you’re getting more for the efforts you make, sometimes in miraculous ways.
Health and Well Being
While some Sagittarians thrive on exercise, others moan at even at the thought of it. Whichever you are, you’re in a period during which getting out and about isn’t just a good idea, it’s essential. But this can be fun. All you need do is decide to make it so.