Birthday Stars

It’s easy to say that being forthright is vital. But for you, as somebody born under the rulership of the gracious and tactful Venus, that variety of approach isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s worrying. Yet as you begin to adopt this uncharacteristically frank way of expressing your views, you’ll find that not only do others understand your ideas better, your own mind is clearer. Blend this with your usually charming nature. You’ll be amazed how well it works.

Sat 29 April - 2017



Sat 29 April - 2017


Waste no time trying to find the perfect solution for matters that are in the midst of a major shakeup. In fact, the less effort you make to organise events, the easier it will be to ride out this complex but ultimately worthwhile period. For now, focus on exploration. Decisions can, and should, wait.


Although the Pisces New Moon took place in late February, it was an eclipse, so the events that arose then and the insights you gained are still raising questions about existing arrangements. While you’ve long been aware of the need to make certain changes, others have come as a shock. If you can’t embrace these, at least explore them. This will clarify how timely those changes will be.


The period since late February’s Pisces eclipsed Full Moon has been as unsettling as it’s been exciting. You’ve not only heard about all sorts of new ideas, you’ve met interesting people. Now, as April begins, you’re ready to incorporate some of these into your life. In many cases that’s easy, in others you fear changes would cause upset. Instead of worrying, discuss your plans openly with those involved. You’ll be amazed, and relieved, how happy they are to get involved with these.

Year to come

Pisces February 18 – March 19
On 19 December 2016, the planet of action, courage and passion, Mars, moved into Pisces, where it remains under 27 January. This doesn’t just kickstart the year, it so boosts your spirits that, as the coming months unfold, you’ll find yourself worrying less and plunging into those pursuits and, perhaps, alliances you believe in. Still, ensure what you plan is flexible. That way, you’ll be prepared for unexpected and, often, discouraging events. Worrying as these seem, they’re actually prompting you to consider whether a rethink of existing arrangements might be wise. Magic is possible, but it will require thought and a touch of practicality.
Love and Relationships
Sometimes tensions with those closest are exactly that, no more. Bear this in mind and, instead of fretting, you’ll simply ask what’s up. It’s the same with you. Feeling down? Don’t keep it a secret but also don’t dramatise it. Instead talk things over with those you trust. The results will be amazing.
Finances and Work
During 2017 you’ll do well, but mostly your efforts are paving the way for the remarkable promise of 2018. Knowing that, plan carefully, both for what you’d like to achieve, earn and do. This may be a waiting game, but it’s justified by the results.
Health and Well Being
The trick this year is to use your energy as if you were an athlete, taking part in a lengthy game or a competition, lasting over several days. Conserve your energy, look after yourself and don’t waste effort on what, ultimately, won’t take you closer to realising your objective. Simple. And worthwhile.