Birthday Stars

The last thing that interests you is conducting an extensive edit of elements of your life, at home, out in the world, at work or in close alliances. Yet with the thorough and practical Saturn dominating the crucial midheaven angle of your birthday chart, you’ve no choice. Much as you dread this, once you begin, you’ll not only enjoy the process, you’ll realise you’re finally in a position to rid yourself of certain increasingly burdensome activities and arrangements.

Fri 24 February - 2017



Fri 24 February - 2017


Now that the communication planet Mercury has joined the Sun in your sign, you’ll feel better equipped to think through certain complex issues and, even more, confront those who don’t see things your way. While they needn’t agree, a bit of support would be helpful. That’s all you’re asking for.


Although you can’t prepare for the unexpected, that is, the events triggered by the powerful Pisces eclipsed New Moon, on the 26th, you can ensure whatever plans you make are easy to reorganise. This gives you both the time and space necessary to delve into both exciting ideas and unanticipated changes. What’s least expected could, when you learn more, could be a dream come true.


With dynamic Mars having been in Pisces from late December until 29 January, as you begin February you’ll be thinking about everything from life-changing decisions to new projects. For now, focus on exploring whatever comes your way, including seemingly uninteresting ideas or offers. While you may not pursue them, what you learn or who you met could be crucial in the future. These changes climax with the eclipsed New Moon in Pisces on the 26th. Only after that will you know what’s possible.

Year to come

Pisces February 18 – March 19
On 19 December 2016, the planet of action, courage and passion, Mars, moved into Pisces, where it remains under 27 January. This doesn’t just kickstart the year, it so boosts your spirits that, as the coming months unfold, you’ll find yourself worrying less and plunging into those pursuits and, perhaps, alliances you believe in. Still, ensure what you plan is flexible. That way, you’ll be prepared for unexpected and, often, discouraging events. Worrying as these seem, they’re actually prompting you to consider whether a rethink of existing arrangements might be wise. Magic is possible, but it will require thought and a touch of practicality.
Love and Relationships
Sometimes tensions with those closest are exactly that, no more. Bear this in mind and, instead of fretting, you’ll simply ask what’s up. It’s the same with you. Feeling down? Don’t keep it a secret but also don’t dramatise it. Instead talk things over with those you trust. The results will be amazing.
Finances and Work
During 2017 you’ll do well, but mostly your efforts are paving the way for the remarkable promise of 2018. Knowing that, plan carefully, both for what you’d like to achieve, earn and do. This may be a waiting game, but it’s justified by the results.
Health and Well Being
The trick this year is to use your energy as if you were an athlete, taking part in a lengthy game or a competition, lasting over several days. Conserve your energy, look after yourself and don’t waste effort on what, ultimately, won’t take you closer to realising your objective. Simple. And worthwhile.