Birthday Stars

As a Leo and a fire sign, you quite rightly pride yourself on your commitment to what and who matters most in life, and to your willingness to stand up for these. Consequently, you’ll be cautious about the sudden and, often, tempting ideas or offers coming your way, especially as they’re still taking form. Despite that, and the patience required, these are the beginning of a rewarding new cycle. Say yes. You won’t regret it.

Sun 20 August - 2017



Sun 20 August - 2017


With your ruler Venus in the midheaven angle of your chart, which accents the structure of your life, you’re facing several crucial decisions. While some are straightforward, in many, you’re short of facts. Ironically, others are struggling as well, and will be relieved to know you’d like to put off finalising anything.


Every once in a while, a series of dilemmas arises, all at once. That’s the case now, and although on the surface they’re unrelated, each is about facing up to a disappointing situation, then deciding whether it’s important enough to fight for. Viewed from this angle, many previously perplexing issues will suddenly become clear. Better yet, you’ll know what can, and should, go and what matters most.


Initially, it seems certain individuals are reorganising things for their convenience yet ignoring their impact on others, including you. But as you learn about the planetary setup, during late July and all of August, and the resulting shakeups, you’ll realise every sign is influenced. And everybody will be making changes, some welcome, but many abrupt if not worrying, at least initially. Ironically, the latter will lead to breakthroughs, but how won’t be immediately clear. Be patient. The results will justify a little chaos.

Year to come

Libra September 22 – October 22
Because Jupiter, planet of growth and opportunity, moved in to Libra in October 2016, you’ve probably already realised that the amazing events it promises won’t necessarily appear in the form you expected. Initially, in fact, they could be unrecognisable. Add the disruptive developments triggered by eclipses in February and August and it might seem things are getting worse. Actually, this is about broadening your horizons. This all comes together between 22 October and 9 December, while Mars, planet of ego and action, helps fine tune your perspective on your options, and teaches you to state clearly what your heart desires.
Love and Relationships
So often in life you’ve comprised your priorities to keep others happy. This could happen again early in 2017, but something tells you to discuss your own desires, and with an unaccustomed frankness. This clarifies your own thinking but, importantly, ensures others know what you’re aiming for.
Finances and Work
Jupiter’s about opportunities of every kind, but especially involving the practical and professional side of your life. Despite that, you’ll sometimes need to ask others for support and, as often, put yourself first. This might be tough initially, but you’ll soon be doing it, and loving it.
Health and Well Being
As an air sign, you sometimes forget to eat and, equally, can ignore the benefits of being out in the fresh air. Make looking after yourself a joint effort. Get family, friends or even colleagues involved, and you’ll not only feel better, you’ll have a good time doing what’s good for you.