Birthday Stars

While the New Moon influences everybody, and brings a fresh perspective on life itself, the fact it takes place on your birthday and is in Aries marks this as a turning point. You may already be considering saying farewell to certain elements of your life. Or, perhaps, breaking away from predictable activities or alliances. The trick is to maintain the foundations of your existing life while considering exactly which change you’ll be making.

Tue 28 March - 2017



Tue 28 March - 2017


The New Moon isn’t just timely, in that you’ve been searching for something new and exciting. Because it influences others, too, those around you will be interested in exploring, in a way that wouldn’t ordinarily be the case. Take advantage of this open-minded attitude to discuss all sorts of options.


You’re well aware it’s time to disentangle yourself from certain past arrangements, personal or otherwise. Equally, you’re eager to explore what’s in store. With your ruler the Sun and Tuesday’s New Moon both accenting ways you can broaden your horizons, your timing is superb. While putting those ideas into action could take longer than you anticipate, the resulting insights could make you relieved you were delayed.


Although you thought you’d escaped tedious practical, business or financial matters, by mid-month they’re urgent. Don’t try to find short cuts. Deal with these in detail and you’ll only need to tackle them once. While time-consuming initially, what you learn will prove profitable in many ways, now and in the future. Better yet, having these settled, you’ll be free to focus on intriguing ideas or opportunities to study or, perhaps, travel, all with exciting company, as March ends and April begins.

Year to come

Leo July 22 – August 21
Looking back on 2016, you’re realising it was all about duty and dealing with practicalities. While you achieved a lot, you still feel trapped. The coming year is designed to free you from both restrictive situations and your own habits and beliefs, some of which are holding you back. These breakthroughs are triggered by eclipses in February and August. What seem disruptive events are taking you into new territory in terms of ideas, activities and your alliances. Explore everything and organise what you must but still, ensure any arrangements are flexible, as things are unlikely to settle down until late 2017.
Love and Relationships
You’re not alone in experiencing change and excitement. Individuals you’re close to are juggling existing arrangements and future plans, too. These changes could mean altering your link. If so, be bold. These changes breathe fresh air into every relationship, especially those that have become predictable.
Finances and Work
Speaking your mind comes naturally. So you’ll discuss work, finances or what you feel you’re owed frankly. It’s the same with goals and objectives. However, Mars, in Leo from 20 July until 5 September increases your focus and power, as well. You’ll be unstoppable.
Health and Well Being
Why would you slow your pace when you’ve having so much fun? While that’s a logical question, your body will tell you when it’s time to take a break. Not only should you listen, do something wonderfully luxurious for yourself and, ideally, share it with others.