Birthday Stars

The last thing that interests you is conducting an extensive edit of elements of your life, at home, out in the world, at work or in close alliances. Yet with the thorough and practical Saturn dominating the crucial midheaven angle of your birthday chart, you’ve no choice. Much as you dread this, once you begin, you’ll not only enjoy the process, you’ll realise you’re finally in a position to rid yourself of certain increasingly burdensome activities and arrangements.

Fri 24 February - 2017



Fri 24 February - 2017


Some say that luck is purely about chance. Others insist it is made, that is, the result of effort, not good fortune. Judging by the current planetary setup, it’s about both. Brilliant aspects involving Jupiter will be helpful, but still, it’s up to you to take things to the next stage.


Between stunning aspects involving the fortunate Jupiter and the Sun, on the 11th, and your ruler Mercury on Tuesday the 21st, you’re excited. But making solid plans isn’t easy. The trick is to discuss your ideas, listen to those of others and talk through various possibilities. This gives you vital flexibility for when changes arise, as is inevitable between now and the end of the month.


As clever and inquisitive as you can be, you sometimes avoid certain ideas or even people because they’re dull or you fear they’d lure you into boring arrangements. Yet February isn’t just about encountering these, and there are several such situations, it’s about you discovering just how fascinating they actually are. The resulting insights raise questions about what else you’re missing, which is timely, since changes triggered by eclipses on the 11th and 26th open doors to intriguing ideas, encounters and life-changing offers.

Year to come

Gemini May 20 – June 20
This is your kind of year, one with enough excitement and change to keep you happy, yet the variety of challenges you thrive on. Better yet, things move swiftly from one plan to the next and, happily, most things fall into place easily. If there’s any challenge it’s dealing with those who either dislike or are actually uneasy about this degree of transition. Instead of saying something amusing to distract them, delve into their concerns. While your efforts will calm them, their concerns could prove to be informative. Better yet, you’ll achieve more as a team than you would have on your own.
Love and Relationships
The secret to keeping others happy is simple. Update them regularly. And in depth. This applies to everything from family and loved ones to colleagues. The worst thing you could do is spring a fully planned arrangement on somebody close. You wouldn’t mind, but they will.
Finances and Work
Plan ahead. This is a year of examining what works, what doesn’t and most of all, exploring your options but probably not actually committing to major ideas or arrangements. That’s in 2018. This may seem ages from now, but what arises then will be worth waiting for.
Health and Well Being
With so much to think about you can easily neglect the all important routine of eating well and getting your body moving. The trick is to make it social, whether it’s a course in healthful cooking or going running with pals.