Birthday Stars

It’s easy to say that being forthright is vital. But for you, as somebody born under the rulership of the gracious and tactful Venus, that variety of approach isn’t just uncomfortable, it’s worrying. Yet as you begin to adopt this uncharacteristically frank way of expressing your views, you’ll find that not only do others understand your ideas better, your own mind is clearer. Blend this with your usually charming nature. You’ll be amazed how well it works.

Sat 29 April - 2017



Sat 29 April - 2017


The time has come to say a firm and uncompromising ‘no’ to one individual. In the past you’ve avoided this, partly because you like to keep your options open. But even more than that, the individual in question is persuasive if not just plain pushy, and will only recognise blunt language.


When making decisions, you sidestep restrictive arrangements that would prevent you meeting people and exploring exciting new ideas. Yet with Mars, planet of action and focus, now arrived in Gemini, and remaining until early June, you’ll be examining existing goals and exploring new ones. Commit, but in such a way that when intriguing new options arise, as they will, you can easily rethink things.


You don’t think of yourself as impatient. Still, having struggled for weeks to find a new approach to unworkable plans, you’re frustrated. For now, focus on spotting existing arrangements, personal or professional, that devour your time but return little. Then eliminate those you can’t remedy. That way when decisive Mars moves into Gemini, on 21 April, for a six-week stay, you’ll be free of past burdens or restrictive commitments and, even more important, be clear about, and ready to pursue your objectives.

Year to come

Gemini May 20 – June 20
This is your kind of year, one with enough excitement and change to keep you happy, yet the variety of challenges you thrive on. Better yet, things move swiftly from one plan to the next and, happily, most things fall into place easily. If there’s any challenge it’s dealing with those who either dislike or are actually uneasy about this degree of transition. Instead of saying something amusing to distract them, delve into their concerns. While your efforts will calm them, their concerns could prove to be informative. Better yet, you’ll achieve more as a team than you would have on your own.
Love and Relationships
The secret to keeping others happy is simple. Update them regularly. And in depth. This applies to everything from family and loved ones to colleagues. The worst thing you could do is spring a fully planned arrangement on somebody close. You wouldn’t mind, but they will.
Finances and Work
Plan ahead. This is a year of examining what works, what doesn’t and most of all, exploring your options but probably not actually committing to major ideas or arrangements. That’s in 2018. This may seem ages from now, but what arises then will be worth waiting for.
Health and Well Being
With so much to think about you can easily neglect the all important routine of eating well and getting your body moving. The trick is to make it social, whether it’s a course in healthful cooking or going running with pals.