Birthday Stars

With Venus powerfully placed in your birthday chart, money, close relationships and charm, and changes involving these, will be on your mind. The trick is to take things slowly, despite pressure from others or even certain organisations to finalise plans. The point is, the more questions you ask, the less sure you’ll be about the facts. Worrying as that may seem initially, you’ll soon realise what wonderful ideas or offers this is leading to, and will delightedly explore them all.

Fri 23 June - 2017



Fri 23 June - 2017


Judging by the tricky planetary activity between now and June’s close, you’re in for a bumpy ride. That is to say, while there’s no need to worry about anything major, minor issues will arise regularly and keep you busy. Knowing that, be prepared to tackle and deal with each as it arises.


Ordinarily you’d never commit to anything, even a minor arrangement, without being sure what’s involved. Yet between the New Moon on Saturday the 24th, and the powerful Capricorn Full Moon on 9 July, life’s about transition. Therefore, the more ideas you discuss and the more you explore, the better informed you’ll be when that time comes to actually make decisions, which probably won’t be until mid-July.


Between certain longstanding arrangements coming undone and more recent plans also falling apart you could worry things are going wrong. Yet at the same time amazing and, often, entirely unexpected ideas and offers are coming your way. Ordinarily, you’d take time to check these out. Instead, move swiftly, knowing you’ll learn about these or the people involved, as things progress. This may rouse uncomfortable feelings of vulnerability but, soon, you’re reassured by what you’re experiencing and the brilliant way things are coming together.

Year to come

Capricorn December 21 – January 18
You, as a Capricorn, might well have prided yourself on being somewhat of a control freak. During the past year or so, while your ruler Saturn has been positioned in the most strategic and reflective portion of your chart, however, you’ve had to watch, wait and leave things to others. While this wasn’t easy at the time, you’ve learnt to let go, and in ways you thought impossible. During 2017, especially during March, May, August and November, you’ll spot situations you’d once have found worrying and will, instead, observe. And, if you do make a move, you’ll approach things differently. This breaks old patterns and frees you to live, work and love with a new focus – and passion.
Love and Relationships
Often in the past trust has been an issue. While you’ve managed close alliances, from family to loved ones and partners, being truly vulnerable with them has been another matter. Now you explore exactly that. And you discover why it’s wonderful.
Finances and Work
Usually you’re well in control of life’s practicalities but, lately, events have taken over. While worrying initially, you’ve learnt it’s not about doing things your way but, rather, shifting your perspective. As you do, new and possibly completely unexpected opportunities appear.
Health and Well Being
When you’re in the mood to look after yourself, you do so, and spectacularly. Yet when you get out of the habit, as could easily happen during 2017, you look and feel worse. The solution? Not discipline but fun. Did you ever consider jazz dancing as exercise? It, and lots of other ways of moving to music, will do the trick.