Birthday Stars

The last thing that interests you is conducting an extensive edit of elements of your life, at home, out in the world, at work or in close alliances. Yet with the thorough and practical Saturn dominating the crucial midheaven angle of your birthday chart, you’ve no choice. Much as you dread this, once you begin, you’ll not only enjoy the process, you’ll realise you’re finally in a position to rid yourself of certain increasingly burdensome activities and arrangements.

Fri 24 February - 2017



Fri 24 February - 2017


By no means are you fixed in your thinking or narrow-minded. Yet there are certain ideas or avenues of activity that, some years ago, you decided don’t suit you. While times have changed and so have you, those views have remained the same. At least consider these. What you learn will surprise you.


Usually, standing up to unreasonable demands or those who’re making trouble because they seem to enjoy it is no problem. Still, before you say a word or take action, carefully check out the facts, especially events behind the scenes. This will be informative but, even more, could shock you into realising you’ve drawn the wrong conclusions. It’s helpful now and a big lesson for the future.


The biggest challenging during early 2017 for you won’t be the frequent changes. While they’re dramatic, you’re equal to them. It’s that you worry you didn’t spot these coming. Not only was that impossible, these are actually breakthroughs, although in disguise. Only once you’ve let go of the past and, even more, are familiar with these new developments, will you fully recognise their promise. Until then, resist the temptation to do the minimum. The sooner you get involved, the better.

Year to come

Capricorn December 21 – January 18
You, as a Capricorn, might well have prided yourself on being somewhat of a control freak. During the past year or so, while your ruler Saturn has been positioned in the most strategic and reflective portion of your chart, however, you’ve had to watch, wait and leave things to others. While this wasn’t easy at the time, you’ve learnt to let go, and in ways you thought impossible. During 2017, especially during March, May, August and November, you’ll spot situations you’d once have found worrying and will, instead, observe. And, if you do make a move, you’ll approach things differently. This breaks old patterns and frees you to live, work and love with a new focus – and passion.
Love and Relationships
Often in the past trust has been an issue. While you’ve managed close alliances, from family to loved ones and partners, being truly vulnerable with them has been another matter. Now you explore exactly that. And you discover why it’s wonderful.
Finances and Work
Usually you’re well in control of life’s practicalities but, lately, events have taken over. While worrying initially, you’ve learnt it’s not about doing things your way but, rather, shifting your perspective. As you do, new and possibly completely unexpected opportunities appear.
Health and Well Being
When you’re in the mood to look after yourself, you do so, and spectacularly. Yet when you get out of the habit, as could easily happen during 2017, you look and feel worse. The solution? Not discipline but fun. Did you ever consider jazz dancing as exercise? It, and lots of other ways of moving to music, will do the trick.