Birthday Stars

The last thing that interests you is conducting an extensive edit of elements of your life, at home, out in the world, at work or in close alliances. Yet with the thorough and practical Saturn dominating the crucial midheaven angle of your birthday chart, you’ve no choice. Much as you dread this, once you begin, you’ll not only enjoy the process, you’ll realise you’re finally in a position to rid yourself of certain increasingly burdensome activities and arrangements.

Fri 24 February - 2017



Fri 24 February - 2017


As much as you’d like to get certain plans organised properly, it’s unrealistic. Not only are you contending with Sunday’s eclipse, but there’s also the coming week’s potent planetary activity, which involves the fortunate Jupiter and Uranus, planet of innovation and the unexpected. Things will be as unsettling as they are exciting.


As a Cancerian, you’re more attuned to the lunar cycle than most. While you’re coping with the ups and downs triggered by the current pair of eclipses, those around you aren’t. Obviously, you’re tempted to discuss this. Don’t. Instead, do lots of listening, be sympathetic but offer minimal advice. This may seem uncaring now but in this particular case, others need to learn for themselves.


Few things are worse than watching once-stable elements of your life change without knowing what’s next. But between eclipses on the 11th and 26th, shaking things up and an emphasis on restructuring your domestic or working life, what’s going is clearing the way for new pursuits and, in the long term, very different goals, personally and out in the world. Unsettling as this will be during February, think back to times in the past when similarly disruptive events led to breakthroughs. It’s the same now.

Year to come

Cancer June 21 – July 21
This is year of progress. During its first three months, however, you could easily mistake abrupt changes in existing arrangements or sudden developments as worrying when, in fact, they’re breakthroughs. These are altering the foundation of many existing plans and, importantly, encouraging you to question your priorities. This is preparation for the dynamic cycle that you experience while Mars is in Cancer, from early June to late July, but which is so inspiring, you’re soon merrily undertaking new plans and projects for the future. This isn’t about sticking with the familiar, it’s exploring absolutely every option, then gradually beginning a new chapter of your life.
Love and Relationships
Don’t allow concerns about changes in your life being unsettling or upsetting others overshadow your plans. Instead, talk things through. Not only will you be reassured by what’s said, you’ll realise those who seemed fretful in the past were merely showing how much they care.
Finances and Work
Often progress comes at the cost, which is disruption, if not a bit of chaos. Tempting as it is to slow the pace of change until finances catch up or you feel reassured all is well, if ever there was a time to have faith in the future, it’s 2017.
Health and Well Being
As is always the case, balancing obligations to others and tending to practical matters could easily undermine your own wellbeing routine. But rarely has it been so important. Still, you can have fun and get the exercise you need and, better yet, spend time with those you adore.