Birthday Stars

As a Leo and a fire sign, you quite rightly pride yourself on your commitment to what and who matters most in life, and to your willingness to stand up for these. Consequently, you’ll be cautious about the sudden and, often, tempting ideas or offers coming your way, especially as they’re still taking form. Despite that, and the patience required, these are the beginning of a rewarding new cycle. Say yes. You won’t regret it.

Sun 20 August - 2017



Sun 20 August - 2017


When you first decided to keep certain potentially upsetting facts to yourself, it was because you felt others had no need to know more than they did at the time. But circumstances have changed, enough those facts are now crucial. Reveal them all, along with an explanation why, previously, you kept them under wraps.


The twists and turns you’re facing are evidence of the week’s intense planetary activity. Knowing that, instead of trying to outwit changes, you’ll deal with what you can but leave the rest for when a slower pace, probably in early September, enables you to assess what’s what. While, initially, this demands steely restraint, you’ll not only soon master it, you’ll realise what a useful skill it is.


Being ruled by the Moon, you’re especially conscious of influence of the lunar cycle on both events and everybody’s mood, your own and others’. Yet not only do August’s two eclipses, on 7 and 21 August, intensify feelings, they’re about turning points. Unsettling as this seems, you’ll welcome most changes, if only because they’ll enable you to break away from restrictive, if reassuring, situations. These will lead to progress, but you won’t know how until mid September at the earliest.

Year to come

Cancer June 21 – July 21
This is year of progress. During its first three months, however, you could easily mistake abrupt changes in existing arrangements or sudden developments as worrying when, in fact, they’re breakthroughs. These are altering the foundation of many existing plans and, importantly, encouraging you to question your priorities. This is preparation for the dynamic cycle that you experience while Mars is in Cancer, from early June to late July, but which is so inspiring, you’re soon merrily undertaking new plans and projects for the future. This isn’t about sticking with the familiar, it’s exploring absolutely every option, then gradually beginning a new chapter of your life.
Love and Relationships
Don’t allow concerns about changes in your life being unsettling or upsetting others overshadow your plans. Instead, talk things through. Not only will you be reassured by what’s said, you’ll realise those who seemed fretful in the past were merely showing how much they care.
Finances and Work
Often progress comes at the cost, which is disruption, if not a bit of chaos. Tempting as it is to slow the pace of change until finances catch up or you feel reassured all is well, if ever there was a time to have faith in the future, it’s 2017.
Health and Well Being
As is always the case, balancing obligations to others and tending to practical matters could easily undermine your own wellbeing routine. But rarely has it been so important. Still, you can have fun and get the exercise you need and, better yet, spend time with those you adore.