Birthday Stars

As a Leo and a fire sign, you quite rightly pride yourself on your commitment to what and who matters most in life, and to your willingness to stand up for these. Consequently, you’ll be cautious about the sudden and, often, tempting ideas or offers coming your way, especially as they’re still taking form. Despite that, and the patience required, these are the beginning of a rewarding new cycle. Say yes. You won’t regret it.

Sun 20 August - 2017



Sun 20 August - 2017


The coming eclipsed New Moon isn’t just about certain matters coming to a head. It’s about adopting an entirely new viewpoint about the actual circumstance. True, this may be forced by events and seem unwelcome, if not disastrous, at least as it happens. Still, these changes are timely if not long overdue.


Ordinarily you’re not shy about saying, doing or pursuing what’s on your mind. However, the unexpected events and obstacles you’ve been facing could undermine even your determination. Actually, that’s good because this week is as much about eliminating unworkable past arrangements as what’s next. While challenging, there’s a solution. Balance efforts devoted to this process of decluttering with time spent on future passions and projects.


Life is exciting. With eclipses, on the 7th and 21st shaking things up, once-insurmountable obstacles vanish suddenly, which means longstanding dreams can become reality, and unexpected ideas, offers and encounters revolutionise once-rigid arrangements. Not only is the pace swift, you’ve little control in practical decisions or situations involving others. If you find this frustrating, remember, others have no more control than you do. Actually, that’s best, because what’s least expected could turn out to be a breakthrough, for everybody concerned.

Year to come

Aries March 20 – April 18
During this rewarding year, you’ll find yourself achieving personal goals and objectives, some longstanding. This is kick-started by your ruler, Mars, being positioned in Aries from 27 January to 10 March, which both focuses your mind and boosts your spirits. What you begin then will shape this year and many to come, as well. Plus, with fortunate Jupiter accenting close alliances, personal and out in the world, until October, working closely with others will bring remarkable benefits. This will be both exciting and challenging. In fact, you may need to slow your usual swift pace or even let others take the lead.
Love and Relationships
Despite your strong independent spirit, close relations with family, friends and even colleagues become a priority. Others take a greater role in your life, influencing everything from your tasks to your leisure time. Much as you love this, relinquishing control could sometimes be challenging.
Finances and Work
Imagination and teamwork are key. There’s the potential to benefit from new ideas, but because those are likely to come from others, you may need to let them take the lead. What you learn and the benefit you gain justify learning to be flexible.
Health and Well Being
During this demanding but exciting year, looking after yourself is even more important than usual. Since teamwork’s a theme, try partnering in your fitness routine. Similarly, coaching in your way of eating could smooth out those occasional ups and downs.