Birthday Stars

As a Leo and a fire sign, you quite rightly pride yourself on your commitment to what and who matters most in life, and to your willingness to stand up for these. Consequently, you’ll be cautious about the sudden and, often, tempting ideas or offers coming your way, especially as they’re still taking form. Despite that, and the patience required, these are the beginning of a rewarding new cycle. Say yes. You won’t regret it.

Sun 20 August - 2017



Sun 20 August - 2017


Having experienced certain situations or spent time with certain individuals before, you feel you’ve the right to say no to trying these out again. But the fact is, you’ve changed and so has the matter or individual in question, enough that soon those past experiences will vanish, as if they’d never occurred.


Watching longstanding arrangements, alliances and even hopes come undone may seem a crisis. Yet, as you’re gradually recognising, many of these haven’t just been a burden, they’ve become increasingly unrealistic. You may be tempted to fight for some. Once you’ve acknowledged changes are inevitable, your perspective will be transformed, making it easier to substantially alter some of these, and say a relieved farewell to others.


By as early and mid July you’ll have hints that elements of your world are changing. Pay close attention. These are preparing you for the powerful events triggered by the Aquarius eclipsed Full Moon, on the 7th. Take it slowly, avoiding decisions until August’s second, equally powerful, eclipse on the 21st. Because these influence others and the world around you, too, focus on discussing and discovering the options these developments are triggering. What seems most disruptive could, once you learn more, be hugely welcome.

Year to come

Aquarius January 19 – February 17
Those closest know what an asset your inquisitive nature can be. Yet since October 2016, when expansive Jupiter moved to accent ways you can broaden your horizons, you’ve been learning about people, places and ideas that either you’d previously dismissed as uninteresting or didn’t even know existed. This exciting and rewarding process continues during 2017, and is linked to the amazing, and as unexpected changes, ideas or offers that appear frequently but especially March, May, August and September. Explore everything, if only to learn from what’s arisen and meet the people involved. Soon, however, you’ll realise these are making your world brighter and more exciting.
Love and Relationships
Inevitably as your world changes so, too, will the balance in certain friendships, with family and even colleagues. This may be unsettling but, in the process of finding a new equilibrium, you’ll also renew even longstanding links, and in wonderful ways.
Finances and Work
It’s the rare Aquarius who does anything purely for achievement or money. However, because you bring genuine interest to whatever you’re doing, that’s returned in practical or financial terms. Now, however, you’ll need to rethink several arrangements. This will be complex but, ultimately, rewarding.
Health and Well Being
During periods of change it’s easy to get lost in what you’re thinking and doing and forget about looking after yourself. Yet this is when it’s most important. For you, as an air sign, once you find something interesting, eating well and exercising is no longer a chore, it’s a joy.