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Tamara Palmer-Tomkinson

Tamara Palmer-Tomkinson

23 December 1971 Hampshire, England Tara Palmer-Tomkinson presents a case in which, although she indeed a Capricorn, her birth chart reveals the influence of other, far more influential, signs. The line up of the planet of glamour – and of mind-altering substances – Neptune, the communicative Mercury and excessive Jupiter, all in the expansive Sagittarius explain a great deal about her much reported bouts with both addictive substances and behaviours. Add the Moon and Mars in the idealistic but also ungrounded Pisces, and it would be no surprise that the usual common sense Capricorn nature might be overwhelmed. But there’s hope; with Capricorn’s ruler Saturn superbly aspecting Pluto, planet of truth and rebirth, the process of facing the facts will transform Palmer-Tomkinson’s life. And with the romantic Venus stunningly aspecting them both, once she does, she’ll marry well – and sensibly – and could even become a pillar of the community.

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