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Madonna And Guy Ritchie

Madonna And Guy Ritchie

While in Madonna there’s no mistaking the eye-catching style and unashamed flamboyance of a Leo, her birthchart is also dominated by the thorough and painstaking Virgo. Consequently, her success as a performer, writer and musician, and actress are attributable not only to talent, but conscientious and persistent effort, as well as self-discipline. Yet with Saturn, key to both her career and taste in men in the edgy, philosophical Sagittarius she’s in love with both knowledge and those whose intellect she respects. Her first marriage to Hollywood’s Sean Penn may have been explosive, but his credentials as thinker and creative talent are unarguable. In Madonna’s chart Pluto – the planet of both rebirth and of power struggles – is powerfully positioned; this reveals her inclination to reinvent herself regularly, and tendency to be contentious. With Penn, this overwhelmed the relationship. However, if she’s with a partner who stands up to her and, therefore, provides stability, her creativity will be channelled into her work and family. And in Guy Ritchie she’s found someone enough like her that he knows exactly how far he can go. Combine that with being now older and wiser - and motherhood shifting her priorities – and Madonna’s not only begun a completely new chapter of her life, it will be the best yet.

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Birthday Stars

While the New Moon influences everybody, and brings a fresh perspective on life itself, the fact it takes place on your birthday and is in Aries marks this as a turning point. You may already be considering saying farewell to certain elements of your life. Or, perhaps, breaking away from predictable activities or alliances. The trick is to maintain the foundations of your existing life while considering exactly which change you’ll be making.

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