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Heather Mills And Sir Paul Mcartney

Heather Mills And Sir Paul Mcartney

HEATHER MILLS 12 January 1968 If ever there was a chart that depicted the character - in terms of both the determination and cleverness - necessary for Heather Mill’s rags to riches story, it’s hers. Capricorns may be driven and disciplined high achievers, but most stick to predictable risks in their social, professional and emotional life. But with both the Sun and Mercury, key to Heather’s viewpoint, in down to earth Capricorn and superbly aspecting the uncompromising Pluto and innovative Uranus in precise Virgo, she’s a fearless as she is quick-thinking. The workaday world is not for her. She would never have been the ideal cog in a corporate wheel. Capricorn’s ruling planet, Saturn, in courageous, impatient Aries, indicates a restlessness and entrepreneurial streak that has filled her past with everything from modelling to life as a ski instructor. The loss of a leg, when she was hit by a motorcycle, might have set discouraged someone else. But it just made her all the more determined. And now that she’s about to become the wife of a wealthy and titled rock star, there’s little chance she’ll take the back seat. Just as Paul’s much loved late wife Linda was committed to vegetarianism – and turned it into a business producing meat-free foods, don’t expect Heather to withdraw into the shadows. Already a spokeperson for the anti-land mine campaign, she’ll probably take on other projects, working all the harder. There have also been numerous reports on her days as a model and numerous romances. This, too, is reflected in her chart. In fact with Venus, planet of romance, in the restless Sagittarius and the Moon, key to her emotional nature in Gemini, she probably didn’t have to play hard to get – she would have given Sir Paul a run for his money. Once she commits, however, she’ll be as loyal as she is strong in her support of her new partner and his family. Compromise in any form does not come easily to this woman. This means that, among hangers-on and admires, she may be the one person who says things as she sees them. She’s intense, she’s passionate, and she’s tough. And when you’ve been rich and famous for nearly 40 years, that kind of unvarnished honesty – combined with a loving heart – can be an intoxicating combination. SIR PAUL MC CARTNEY 18 June 1942 Geminis have a reputation for being charmers. So it’s no surprise that with four planets – the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Uranus – all in Gemini, Sir Paul is often referred to as the most popular Beatle. But that’s not all that accounts for his appeal. When his was born, the Sun was next to the expansive Jupiter. First, this reveals the generosity of spirit that led to his knighthood for charitable acts. But it also shows that, all through his life, he’s always managed to be in the right place at the right time. This, combined with the huge creative ability indicated by three planets in Leo, suggest a character who enjoys working hard and who came by his success without the ups and downs, or personal anxieties, that dominate so many success stories. One of those planets in Leo is the Moon; this both gives a glimpse of his own emotional nature and suggests what his taste in woman might be like. Personally he’s expansive, loving and kind hearted. He thrives on being spoiled and will do the same with those he cares about. He loves nurturing others, and whether it’s someone’s career or their love life, he’s as happy to see them succeed as they are. But Geminis need lots of mental stimulation and are at their best with partners who have their own interests and bring new ideas to the relationship. So he would drawn to a women who has her own interests. Judging by her chart, not only is Heather Mills exactly that woman, she – and her interest in charities - is the ideal match for Sir Paul, one to take him happily into the next chapter of his life.

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